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Various Artists - Adventures In The Land of Big Beats & Happy Feets 1989


01. Imperials - Fallin

02. Philip Bailey - Thank You

03. Amy Grant - Wise Up

04. Steve Taylor - Svengali

05. Kim Boyce - I Just Want To Celebrate

06. Ideola - Jericho

07. Russ Taff - I've Come Too Far

08. Sheila Walsh - Ship Of Love

09. Randy Stonehill - Cold Rock The Groove

Various Artists - Adventures In The Land of Big Beats & Happy Feets 1989

01. Prologue - Rakim D. & The Garden Beats

02. Fallin' - Imperials

03. Baow Baow Baow - Bunny Whop and the Hip Hop

04. Thank You - Philip Bailey

05. Rappin' Retail - Randy McNally & The Road Dogz

06. Wise Up - Amy Grant

07. No Bout Adoubt It - Billy B. & The Beez Nees

08. Svengali - Steve Taylor

09. Doutout - Billy B. & The Beez Nees

10. I Just Want to Celebrate - Kim Boyce

11. Tee Vee Whiz - The Nerf Wilson Ensemble

12. Jericho - Ideola

13. Gee Tee Vee - The Nerf Wilson Ensemble

14. Come Too Far - Russ Taff

15. BBBBBeatitudinal - Snappo Schultz

16. Ship of Love - Sheila Walsh

17. BBBBBeatitudinal Part II - Snappo Schultz

18. Cold Rock the Groove - Randy Stonehill

19. Epilogue - Rakim D. & The Garden Beats.

Adventures In The Land Of Big Beats & Happy Feets" (Myrrh Records 7016893618, 1989). Features remixes of some incredible pop and rock tracks, including a 6 1/2 minute extended remix of Amy Grant's "Wise Up" as well as remixes of tracks by Mark Heard (iDEoLA), Randy Stonehill, Russ Taff, Steve Taylor, Sheila Walsh, and more!!

The IDEoLA (Mark Heard) song "Jericho" appears ONLY on this collection, and MARK HEARD was also responsible for doing all of the remixes as well as creating the instrumental dance breaks that fill the space between each track. (Although Heard is not credited with this on the insert--remixes and links are instead credited to "Lee Cahuenga"--it is a widely-established fact that this is a pseudonym for Mark Heard,

and this fact can easily be confirmed through an internet search engine search of Mark Heard discography sites.) There are nine tracks that have been given extended remixes, and in between each track are various, short (about a minute apiece), interesting (and some quite hilarious)

Dance tracks created by Mark Heard. Altogether these tracks are combined to make right at 60 minutes of continuous, non-stop dance music! A remix CD that contains 60 minutes of continuous music. Many of Christian pop and rock's biggest names appear here, but the silly interludes between the songs are a novelty that wears thin fast.


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