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Hans Inge Fagervik - Painted Pictures 1989


01. Still Alive

02. Lie To Me Linda

03. I've Seen The Sunrise

04. Let Me Take You Down To The Sea

05. Farewell Marita (05:28)

06. If You Call This A Dream

07. Mother Theresa's Song

08. I Can't Stand Jazz

09. Please Take Me Back

10. In My World

this is his best album but his got anoher albums, as for me their best albums after Painted Picture, are /  Hans Inge Fagervik - Min Verden 1987 Swedish CCM/AOR.


Hans Inge Fagervik - Lux 1997

01. Shine A Light

02. You Are My Friend

03. Who Says

04. Aellima Dihte

05. Forgive Me

06. Kyrie

07. You Were There

08. Good Wishes [Listen]

09. Thousands Of Reasons

10. Lend You A Hand

11. Lux

Hans Inge Fagervik - Min Verden 1987 Swedish CCM/AOR.


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