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Armada - Black And White 1988


01. The Missing Peace

02. BlacK & White

03. I Wonder 'But This World

04. Hail To The King

05. Cry Out For The Children

06. Flesh N' Blood

07. Hope of Glory

08. Renegade

09. All Day Long

10. Suicide

11. Jesus Is Calling You

12. But It's Only Rock n Roll (Alternate Version)



Dave Dawdy - Lead Guitar,

Jeff Sipe - Lead Guitar,Voc,

Doug Oxford - Lead Voc,Keybords,Acoustic Guitar,

JohnHeald - Lead Voc,Drum,

Ed Englerth - Bass Guitar,Voc

Produced by Jon Frazer and Armada

Mixed by Mark Miller,John Heald and Dave Dawdy

Recorded at Harvest Productions in Lansing,

Michigan Cover artwork by Dennis Preston.

These recordings are from Armada's very beginnings, as Archangel and Eternity in the mid to late 1970's. Armada is a Christian melodic metal/hard rock band based in Michigan, although the band's members are presently living and working in other states,They still perform together Whenever They can. After much prayer,They have decided to reissue our most popular and successful album,"Frontine", in 2004. The project has been placed in the very capable hands of our friends at Retroactive Records. The CD will include Bonus tracks and complete liner notes.They look forward to a long fruitful partnership with Retroactive, allowing Their music new opportunities for ministry.

As you can see here I Have this tremendous band with all his music,including demos,My personal review of this band has no words, they've really touched My Life With Their Music And Touched songs, Their Music will let you down on your knees, as it is "Cry Out Fot The Children" ,Man when you see Around the world what is happening into the families,separated families,just for the sin of adulteries and fornications,sometime it seems that the man have become like an animals.

Thinking just for the pleasure,leaving babies around as a Match of soccer,living by emotions instead of living by the truth,thats why God Hates sin of adultery and fornication,cuz the pleasure is getting stronger instead of responsavilities,we often call a cool guy to one man that take a woman then make her a baby and leave her for another,,"Cry Out For The Children" Call to you to pay atemtion of what you do cuz oneday you gotta give counts to God Of What you ve done on earth,,our christian comunity have the greatest values now on the world and what about if we could share and spread this values Thru Music, that God Has given to us!! to call people to his old ways and true nature as God Created him!.


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