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Taker - Blood / 1988


01. The Measure

02. Blood

03. The Overcomers Anthem

04. Into The Throneroom

05. A New Song


P. J. Bussey - Guitar

Charlie Osterhoudt - Drums

Danny Wilkenson - Bass

Kevin Potter - Vocals

01. Open Your Heart

02. He Is The Light

03. Yesterday,Today And Forever

04. The 11 O'Clock News

05. Living By Faith

06. The Measure

07. Blood

08. The Overcomers Anthem

09. Into The Throneroom

10. A New Song

11. Living By Faith (Reprise) (From Various East coast Metal )

12. Yesterday,Today And Forever (Reprise)(From Various East coast Metal )

13. Look Into His Eyes (From White Metal Invasion)

This is the kinda music that make my spirit fly to heaven in almighty whorship to GOD,,awesome style, awesome track (YESTERDAY,TODAY,AND FOREVER, a honor that deserves our lord jesus, this is how the true believers must praise to OUR FATHER ON HEAVEN, I thank you lord,,you re the reason of music,,the musci its the way that lead us to your heart,,amen,Great Second Demo ! Very Melodic Metal ! Very Talented Guitarist !! Singer Sounds different From East coast metal stuff.  / Another Band that should have been signed and produced a proper studio album. Oh Well ? Old School metal with upright lyrics and out front vocals with so much range I wonder if this is all Kevin singing,anyway this all about the tracks "Yesterday, Today and Forever" and "Living by Faith" on the 'East Coast Metal' compilation Regency Music, 1988.


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