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Forerunner - A.K.A. 1984


01. Jesus Is Saviour

02. Faith Walk

03. Hard Times

04. Victory

05. Nowhere To Run

06. River Of Life

07. Hold On 3:15

09. Words Of The Wise

09. Albola (A Little Bit Of L.A.)



John Lawry - Keyboards & Lead Vocals

George Cocchini - Lead And harmony vocals

Paul Brannon - Guitars

Tim Smith - Bass

Joe English - Drums

John Lawry - Keyboards & Lead Vocal


Three members of the Joe English Band made up Forerunner: Paul Brannon, George Cocchini, and John Lawry. They recorded this one album that also includes musical help from two other Joe English Band members: Tim Smith and Joe English One of the best drummers Paul McCartney ever had! As you can see he's a very good vocalist as well, I always loved the Wings song Must Do Something About It that features Joe English on vocals. / If Christian music was this good, I'd listen to it every day! The sad thing about Christian music today is that the words and messages are great but there's almost no musicianship, in my opinion. I love the funky bass here, Joe's drumming, and the whole "jam band" feel while proclaiming a great message.


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