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D-Boy - Classic Archives 1990 / Plantin' A Seed 1989 / Peace To The Poet 1993


01. Plantin' A Seed

02. Church Hoppers

03. Pick Yourself Up

04. When I Strut

05. Doggin' The Devil

06. King David

07. It's A Disease

08. G.o.d.s. Possee In Effect

09. The Ub Urself

10. Ub Urself (Reprise)

11. Drop The Mic

12. The Boy Don't Play

13. Cease For Peace

14. Flow Time

15. Shout

16. God's House

17. Hip-hopcracy

18. Come Back Home

Background vocals by Cindy Cruse, Tim Miner and Tommy Sims. Songwriting by D-Boy, Tim Miner and Tommy Sims. Engineering by David Ebensberger, Brent Jeffers Tommy Sims and John Wirtz. Production and mixing by Tim Miner and Tommy Sims. Guitars, Bass, Keyboards by Tim Miner and Tommy Sims. Drum Programming by Tommy Sims.

D-Boy 1967-1990

Danny Rodriguez also known as D-Boy died on October 6 of 1990 at the age of 22. He was born on November 10, 1967. His parents Cookie and Demi Rodriguez were involved in an anti-gang violence program in Dallas, Texas. From Portorican descent this gifted MC rapped about gang life, but also about his faith in God. He was a counselor and tutor at Street Church Acadamy, the ministry his parents started for teens.

He got murdered close to his home. Excerpt from Contemporary Christian Music, nr. 5, (volume 13) 1990.

D-Boy [...] was shot once in the chest near his East Dallas appartment complex just before 4 A.M., presumably he was returning from a date. It was not known for certain whether he was actually in his car at the time, although after he was shot he managed to drive a few blocks before striking a curb, hitting a pole and fliiping over twice. [...] he died about an hour after the shooting during surgery at baylor University Medical Center as doctors attempted to remove the bullet.

No suspects were apprehended for this crime. His producer Tim Miner remembers in the same article that friends encouraged Danny to move to a safer part of town. Danny's reaction was " I don't think I'll grow an old man". As if he knew what was ahead of him. His second album "The lyrical strength of one street poet" was completed a week before his death and scheduled to be released in November 1990. D-Boy is remembered as a man of God in his actions and relelationships and a hip hop talent, that sadly enough never realised it's full potential.

Tribute album / Although many times D-Boy is mentioned in the credits of holy hip hop albums as an inspiration and example. It was until March 2006 that a tribute album was released. The record is called The Fallen Soldier Compilation : A Tribute To D-Boy and features artists like: Dynamic Twins, IDOL King, Fred Lynch from P.I.D., Lingo, Heata and others.


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