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XL & D.B.D XL (Death Before Dishonor) Sodom And America 1993


01. Brother to the Saboteur

02. Sodom and America

03. Kiss of Chaos

04. Death Before Dishonor

05. Don't Fool Yourself

06. My So Called Friend Death

07. Die (That Settles It!)

08. Woman

09. Fatal Blow

10. Sifting With the Sickle

11. Brink of Insanity

12. Afrocka



XL And Death Before Dishonor includes:

XL (Rap, - Guitar, Bass, Drums

Mark Salomon, Super C

Brett "C.O.G." Cadell

Jim Timony - Vocals

Greg Minier

Shawn Gurule

Greg Lawless

Mike Phillips - Guitar

Jimmy Brown - Guitar, percussion

Doug Shumway - Bass

All songs written or co-written by XL.


XL & DBD are an early example of rapcore, the mixing of metal and rap. Todd 'XL' Stevens is the lead guitarist and the primary songwriter. XL can be seen as a veteran, since he's been active since the early 1990s in holy hip hop. The name XL was given to Todd Stevens by the Dynamic Twins in 1990, because of his size. The bandname DBD stands for Death Before Dishonor.


XL has performed live with Soldiers For Christ (SFC), the Dynamic Twins and Peace 586 plus rockbands.



The Band Death Before Dishonor exists of two members:

Eric Stevens, bass guitarist. He has performance experiences, that include the Cornerstone Festival in Illinois and New Earth (formerly The Coffee House) in Kansas City.

Tony Stevens, drummer and percussionist. An educator and performer steeped in traditions ranging from the Nigerian Udu to the Celtic Bodhran. He has lectured and performed at colleges and universities for a number of years.


The crew released Sodom and America on Brainstorm in 1993. Their sophomore album Live From Ninevah : What Next would take some time until 2002. The lyrics of XL & DBD are about the moral decline in the United States.


XL has released a solo album entitled The Original in 2005 with a guest appearance of Voice. The record does not contain the rock crossover sound, but old school hip hop. XL can also be found as a musician, (bass) guitar, on albums in the 1990s, like Apocalypse - The Final Plea (1992) or Dynamic Twins - No Room to Breathe (1993). The MC is currently working with Soup The Chemist.

This Former Los Angeles area Band, known as XL & D.B.D., is a straight to the point, no holds barred, live Christian music experience. Their 1993 release "Sodom and America" on Word/Epic Records typifies their "sounds like Rage Against the Machine meets Living Color" musical reputation, and helped open the door for the musical style that is frequently now called "rapcore'. The band's members have performed nationwide and have enjoyed "top 10" chart success in hard markets like Detroit, New York and Texas.

Music Style Rapcore's pioneers venture into many genres

Similar Artists

The Crucified, Deliverance, Kings X, Living Color, Payable On Death, Rage Against the Machine.

Artist History

XL and Death Before Dishonor were rapcore pioneers. They have evolved to a point where they now perform a variety of music styles. The band has transplanted to the Midwest to escape the madness and the lifestyles they once lived. They continue to mix the rap, rhythm and soul of their heritage with the hard-hitting lessons of their life experiences. Theirs is a message that is positive and insightful, full of the type of grit that only comes from those who have been there and lived to tell about it. A performance from these survivors portrays the blunt emotion of men from the street writing music for people who are still living on the street and trying to get over. They also form the core of "Living Vessel" - a contemporary worship and praise band.

Group Members

Todd 'XL' Stevens: Lead Guitars/Songwriter. Well known in southern California recording studios, XL has toured with acts as diverse as LA Guns, KRS-I, Boogie Down Productions, and DC Talk. His studio time includes tracking with Oz Fox of Stryper, Bryan J of Keel, B.B. Dickerson of War, Adam Again, Gospel Gangstas, Jimmy Brown of Deliverance, Mark Salomon of the Crucified/Stavesacre, and Greg Minier of the Crucified. He's performed live with Soldiers For Christ (SFC)

the Dynamic Twins , the Crucified, Applehead, Mortal and Peace 586, just to name a few. This flexibility in styles fuels the D.B.D. sound as XL serves as the band's primary songwriter. Eric Stevens: Bass guitar. A blues/jazz natural, Eric anchor's the bands sound by infusing the music with hooks and punches beyond those typically used in rock genres. He has toured with XL & D.B.D., Vaya Con, and the praise band Psalt. He has performance experiences that include venues such as Cornerstone Festival in Illinois and New Earth (formerly The Coffee House) in Kansas City.

His socially aware lyrics serve to pinpoint the ills of a society bent on oppression. Listen closely, and Eric will give you a reality check - or several of them all at once. Tony Stevens: Drums/Percussion. A percussion educator and performer steeped in percussion traditions ranging from the Nigerian Udu to the Celtic Bodhran, Tony brings the hard drive to the modern drum kit for XL & D.B.D. His stage experiences include opening spots for War, Mike Stand of the Altar Boys, and the Violet Burning, his African drumming for Karen Donaldson and the Kuumba Dancers, solo accompaniments for African story teller Eshu Bompus, and percussion work with Deb Marquart and the Bone People, only to name a few. He has lectured and performed at colleges and universities for a number of years.


Sodom and America (1993), Live From Ninevah... What Next (2002).

Press Reviews

XL & D.B.D.'s 1993 album Sodom and America: If you like the secular group Living Colour, then this is an album to check out. XL & Death Before Dishonor have created an exciting, aggressive Rap/Rock/Hip-Hop/Thrash/Punk album that you might find if you mixed up Mike-E, D.C. Talk, and One Bad Pig. The album's pace is great, blending heavy bass with harsh electric guitars. It mixes tunes emphasizing each of these influences into a hard hitting experience that seems to last much longer than the 41 minute playing time. The lyrics are hard hitting, aggressive, and even militant, matching the musical style perfectly. There's quite a topical diversity as well. There are songs addressing street life and others addressing the Christian faith. The message is urgent, easy to understand, militant at times, slightly violent in spots, but positive on the whole. Unlike most recordings in this genre, XL & DBD avoid getting stuck in the darkness. There are a couple dark songs, but for the most part, they present a path to the light, making this a surprisingly uplifting album in comparison.

A friend ordered this and their newer album "Live from Nineveh..What Next?" from the band but only received the latter of the two as apparently even the band didn't have any copies left of Sodom and America.


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