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D.O.C - Pullin' No Punches 1993


01. We Got It

02. Hip Hop Body Slam Hard Rock Holy Spirit Jam/God Gave Rock and Roll to You

03. Old Tyme Way

04. Tic Toc

05. Why You Won't Serve the Lord

06. Keep on Looking Up

07. We Got It - Hype Mix

08. How Dat Sound?

09. Can We Fall in Love Again

10. Love Can Bring You Back

11. Innocent Love

12. Pullin' No Punches

DOC (Disciples of Christ) were some christian brothers from the L.A. area, who, similar to DC Talk, used to both rap and sing. And, like DC Talk, the more albums they made, the more they sang, the less they rapped, and the better their singing got. In the beginning they had a white dude who actually played drums, then he left the group and they became more studio oriented. But they carried a message of God and mentioned a lot in their rhymes about the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, and of the importance of the Holy Spirit in a Christian's daily life. That stands out in my mind.


Well, the album IS from 1993, so keep that in mind. The first song was the best one on here, "We Got It", with a music track that kind of reminds me of En Vogue's first song "Hold On". Also there's the song that was sort of this album's "Hit", which was "God gave Rock and Roll to you"- which they did with Christian rock group Bride.

The rest of the album has some high points and low points, artisticaly. Like DC Talk, the best parts are usually the singing and the least favorite parts usually involve rapping. "Can we fall in love again" was another high point, an all singing jam where they tell GOd "I've lost my way, I want to fall in love with Christ again"...a good song...Well, that's about it. What can I say, this is 1992/93 Christian rap. Obviously, "rap lyric-wise", there's no comparison with today's Holy Hip Hop groups with real tight lyrical skills, like Cross Movement. However, I like to think of early 90's christian rap as being ahead of it's time in some ways.

I'm going to be honest. When I got this cd simply for one song. "God Gave Rock N Roll to You," is an Argent song from way back that DOC did a cover of with hard rock\ heavy metal band Bride. I am not a rap fan, nor have I ever been.but little by little grows in meThis was probably one of the last recordings to come out that had a crossover of rap and Hard Rock before the rap-core and rap-metal bands (Kid Rock, Rage Against the Machine and EDL) came on the scene. Before what we had were artists like Run DMC that decided to do a song with a rock Band like Aerosmith or Anthrax. The CCM industry followed suit nearly a decade later with artists like this one (DOC) doing songs with bands like Bride, Tourniquet and Deliverance / DOC has a very trendy album here, as most pop is and was at the time.


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