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P.I.D. - Back to Back 1989


01. Back

02. Bible stories

03. Current affair

04. Get into it

05. Flys

06. Vince's jam

07. Exclusive

8. B movement (movement of the body)

9. Slide

10. Racism

11. Word from the body

Line up

Barry Hogan a.k.a.

Barry G.

Fred Lynch.

It's great to finally see PID here on Itunes. Back to Back used to be my fav. tape, which got worn out back in the day. Hoping to someday see "Here We Are". The best tunes here are Back, Bible Stories, Get into it, Flys, and B Movement. Vince's Jam is really the only one I usually skip over, but it's all good...This album is not a bad christian rap album for a 1989 release.



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