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Freedom Of Soul - 2Nd Comin 1991


01. The 2nd Coming

02. Home

03. Dusk Til Dawn

04. Sooner or Later

05. Not On This Record

06. Interlude

07. Never Changes

08. Soul Swinger

09. Sonshyne

10. How Much It Cost


This CD was basically the pioneer album for Christian hip-hop in the 90's. It's too bad these guys don't get more recognition. They deserve far more than what they got/ These guys have skills above and beyond what anyone else I have ever heard, This is a must buy for true hip-hop lovers! / Freedom of Soul truly was a hip hop group of soulful and skillful brothers. I wish that this album was still available to this day because the music of this album transcends trends and genres. F.O.S. did a fantastic job on their 2nd and final album. I hope that one day- (if God wills, these brothers might be inspired to do another album). God bless all!


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