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Dynamic Twins - No Room 2 Breathe 1993


01. Words We Speak

02. Getting Brighter

03. Can't Stand the Rain

04. Something to Say

05. (Giving Them) No Room 2 Breathe

06. Against the Flow

07. Check Yourself

08. Flee from Babylon

09. Evil of Currency

10. The Family Song


I used to listen to this album over and over in the 90s. It's still one of the best rap albums of all time IMO. The music has excellent beats and their own creative style of rap, in which none, if not many, can do. This album creams any album today. I know it's religious, but I enjoy it for the music alone.

Loved it since I was younger, missed it had to have it again, glad I found it here and in very good used condition! If you like real hip hop, the music alone is well worth it! But also the messages are positive! This CD is exactly what I wanted.



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