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S.F.C. - Phase III 1992


01. Intro

02. Hoods of good

03. Glory halagroovin

04. Terror on tape

05. Freedom in captivity

06. One

07. What we need

08. Music is my life

09. Phase III

10. Unity

11. The setting

12. Kill the spirit - featuring Alliance of Light

13. In the house

14. Swingin

15. Another one

16. Skanewpid

17. DJ Dove (The minister of music)

18. 113.3

19. Victory

20. More skanewpid stuff



Intro l - special appearance by Boyd Pehrson

Intro 2 - voice by Charles Armstrong

Background vocals on track 17 - DJ Dove (Minister of Music)

by Richard Anzalone, John Blaze Anzalone, John John Millan

Ricky Millan, Steven Gelbman, Heather GeUman, Anthony Pease, Sung Kim and XL

Rap's Galore Preachers - Pastor Carlos Marin; Evangelist - Jackie McCoullough


Recorded at Mixing Lab B, Huntington Beach, California and McCrumny Music Studio,

Whlttier, California.

Recorded by Gene Eugene and Bob Moon, Mixed by Sup and Gene Eugene, assisted by Bob Moon, Dove, and Dave Guzman at Pakaderm Studios, Los Alamitos, California, Digital editing by Dave Jahnsen. / Mastered by Brian "Big Bass" Gardner at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Los Angeles, California / Art direction and all photography by Anna Cardenas, Art production by FMG Graphics, Newport Beach, California.



SFC stands for Soldiers for Christ. The crew consisted of Super C, QP and DJ Dove. Super C is also known as Sup Everyday Remembering Christ or later on as Sup the Chemist.


The record Fully Armed , only released on music cassette, can be seen as their debut album. Songs of Fully Armed, like Transformed, would find their way onto the Broken Records release Listen Up in 1989.



After three albums DJ Dove started another crew called the Gospel Gangstas and Super C produced albums for the Dynamic Twins and Freedom of Soul until he went solo later on.


SFC has sold over a 100.000 records in the nineteen nineties with their albums. The record Phase III from 1992 is considered one of the best early nineties holyhiphop albums, because of the creative use of reggae, jazz and R&B samples.

Last Album

Their last album Illumination from 1994 only features Super C from the original crew. QP and DJ Dove have left by then.


Sup's most fun album to make was Phase III (1992), and his favourite SFC track is Illumination (1994).


A MySpace site active, since 3/6/2007 appeared stating the following: "The original SFC is back again. Back together for the first time to in 20 years. Putting out good sounds with featured artist Tommy Parker, Tamrell Hunter and also Lee Carswell and his daughter Andria Carswell. Donny Harris is the producer of this album. The single "Just My Imagination" is making it's way into rotations on Radio Stations. Any additional information can be obtained by email to [email protected] SFC consists of Brotha Gee, and Sup The Chemist. This is not a first album for the group. Sup The Chemist is still in the game yall so here it is. Look for the full album in September."

New Development

The album is scheduled for release in July 2009 (April 2009).

No dis intended. I mean this is amazing, inspired, and positive. I played it on my radio show all the time / The rapping is top notch, it's just the DJ is overwhelmingly good. Also lost in discussions here have been that these were prison converts, so their prostelatizing is hard won and not cheezy. And the beats and cuts are NEVER the same- they just keep comin' for like 19 tracks.

Maybe it's for the best that they split, leaving these, well, testaments to the acme of Hip Hop. It would be hard to recapture the crush, degradation, then discovery and release of being in stir. It's a potent dynamic bottled here, and well worth whatever it costs to get this in YOUR DESERT ISLAND 50, TOO. More power to these guys, I just listened to this the other day, and I'm still in awe at this 13 year old joint.

I grew up (for better or worse) on Xtian hip hop and from the late 80s - late 90s it was clearly a dessert wasteland of MC's with mostly good intentions who tried way to hard. As a result Xtian hip-hop by and large stunk until 1992 when Phase III came out.

SFC was the best Hip Hop Group (I owned Saved Man too, but not until 1997) until G.R.I.T.S. (1997) and Cross Movement (2000 when they found their groove)) made it any kind of relevant. Sure some might attempt to point to DC Talk as the best rap group, but really, what were they?

All of the songs are amazing. And most if not all of them have scripture verses. SFC (Soldiers For Christ) (Sup C, DJ Dove, and QP) were together for only a few years. Their debut 1989's Listen Up wasnt all that great. But the next year they released A Saved Man, and it was phenomenal! But this one blew that away. Unfortunately they broke up after this was made. SUP C put together Illumnation in 1994, but it was only him using the SFC name, and it was weak. He made another album in 2000, but it wasnt as good either. But pick this one up and A Saved Man. They were the best CD's of Christian rap in the 90's.


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