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S.F.C. - Illumination 1994


01. Intro

02. One time - featuring J.T. the Vagabond

03. Illumination - featuring Journey & LPG

04. C-mode fizzunk

05. Interlude-We can

06. Respect - featuring LPG

07. The vibe

08. How I cope

09. Interlude-Mighty gun

10. Don't nap

11. Make money

12. Phat

13. Interlude-If I

14. Existing in time

15. Ladies and gents



Executive production by Ojo Taylor & Gene Eugene.

Stand up bass by Orlando Sehkoa Homes Antiseptic.

Scratching by DJ Cut No Slack Cartoon.

Drums by Lamar Stacey Franklin.

Vito alto saxaphone, quest soprano saxaphone and artley flute by Ron Townsend.


All tracks - Written and production by Super C for C-Mode Productions, except:

Track 1 - Congas by Jon Gibson

Track 2 - Additional lyrics by DJ Cut No Slack Cartoon.

Track 3- Additional lyrics by LPG.

Track 4 - production by C-Mode Productions and Peace 586.

Track 5 - Poetry interlude by Red Bonez.

Track 6 - production by Peace 586 and lyrics by LPG.

Track 7 - production by C-Mode Productions and

Tunnel Rats Productions, vocals by Steve My Man.

Track 8 - Keyboards by Tony Williams, acoustic guitar and vocals by Jon Gibson.

Track 9 - Poetry interlude by DJ Cut No Slack Cartoon (The mighty gun by Michael Washington)

Track 10 - lyrics by LPG.

Track 11 - production by Tunnel Rats Productions.

Track 13 - Poetry interlude by J.T.

Track 14 - Lyrics by J.T., Super C and Red Bonez.


Art direction and design by Darin Beaman.

Photography by Neil A. France.


"Illumination" is one of the most underrated hip-hop albums. Almost every song is highly compelling. The arrangements are creative and fresh as the artistic integrity is high. Most songs have a jazzy feel, either by using old jazz samples or the creation of original music. In fact, most of the music sounds like it was played by actual musicans with real instruments -something which can be rare in the genre's typically processed soundscape.

This aspect will appeal to those who enjoy music by performers/groups such as Us3, Guru and the Roots. The disc even has a few jazz meets poetry tracks. Sup the Chemist has a great singing and rapping voice. His vocal style is surprisingly clean with regards to articulation and pronunciation. As with most rap music from the time period, the song themes revolve around urban authenticity. 'The Vibe' and 'Phat' are the two tracks that will run through your mind hours after the stereo has been turned off.

I was surprised to eventually find out that this is a 'Christian Rap' album. The primary evidence for this is track eight, which is the only 'preachy' song. If you're like me (and not a Christian), I recommend that you not let religious orientation interfere with your enjoyment of SFC (Soldiers For Christ). While it is a tragedy that this album is currently out-of-print, you could pick up a few used copies for under five bucks at the time of review. Give this unappreciated gem a try!


all the SFC discs are hard-to-find. Others are "Listen Up", "Phase 3", and the awesome "Saved Man in the Jungle" / The Illumination album headed up by Sup (aka "Soup" or "Sup" the Chemist) innaugurated the most innovative sound, delivery, and lyrical content at many points.


Sup incorporates the flavors of other artists and combines them in a way no one else has been able to reproduce. He is a craftsman and visionary. This album introduced me to LPG, eventually Tunnel Rats, and more. Some of these guys are still making music but under different names/different groups. I keep coming back to this album, however.


Sup doesn't just rap about rapping, and rap about skills; he just does it. Mixed with poetry...compelling lyrics that approach theological points, I'd say it's downright theologically significant. Crafting story into symbol then weaving it back into life.


Abstract, yet concrete.


Innovative, powerful mind, penetrating, amazing skills...and downright fun at points. Seriously? How is that possible? Sup does no other. It's a shame this album is being forgotten by some.



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