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Red Ink - Brutal Recompense 1992


01. Saved by Grace

02. Depths of Hell

03. Choose Today a Kingdom

04. Soldiers of Hate

05. Flesh and Blood

06. Brutal Recompense

07. King David

08. Descension

09. The World After

Jorge Molne - Guitar

Ash Henson - Guitar, Vocals

Neil Oatmeal - Bass

Matt Hallen - Drums

Red Ink From Spring, Texas were a Christian Death/Thrash Metal Band and have released a demo, a tape album (posted here) and a best of compilation and that's about it for these fellows / This is all about An old Thrash Band Similar To Vengeance Rising,This was great stuff especially in their era it was done. Definitely recommended if you liked Vengeance Rising and that era of thrash. They should have been a lot bigger. / The Way I underrated and under heard, YES, this does need a cd re-release!And "Brutal Recompense" is early Death Metal Compared to bands like Cannibal Corps and " Crimson Thorn", most would label this Thrash/Death.  / I would love to see "Raw Meat" And "Brutal Recompense" both get re-released on CD.


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