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Ethereal Scourge - Judgement And Restoration 1997


01•  Through The Waters

02•  Warcry

03•  Refuge

04•  Estranged From The Womb

05•  Shroud Of Mist

06•  Earthshaker

07•  Hecatombs

08•  Restoration

09•  Quiet Surround

10•  Subconscious

11•  Giver Of Life


Line Up;

Jared Murray - Vocals

Asoka Gare - Guitars

Greg Smith - Bass

Gless Reseign - Drums


I can't figure out why these guys didn't make more music. This has to be one of the most epic christian albums I have ever heard. This is coming from a actual artist reviewer, that reviews albums. I just found this Album and have no idea why they are so obscure. if you read this, please at least keep this album current on music sites so at least you can keep this album "out there". It's important.

Ethereal Scourge is indeed a good Christian thrash/death metal band, This is awesome music. Had it when it came out and its better than ever. If you love death/groove metal, you can't lose with this one! I picked this album up when it first came out in 1997, and twelve years later i am still listening to it, The music paints vivid images of pain & sorrow followed liberation and salvation. The band is from the mighty Steve Rowe stable and in my opinion deserves a wider ranging appreciating audience. My only Criticism is that they have only released one CD.


I haven't listend to many death type bands much so I can't really give the sounds like comment. But they are a christian melodic death band ok you're thinking christian death thats got to be crapy but it's totally not they are very awesome.They have a fat, thich distortion the same as most death bands not to go past. very Strong drum parts that makes the whole death feel. The chord variation is good not simple repetative chords in most songs fairly complex changes in chords to keep the intrest. four stars because some of the words aren't to clear I don't really like that but deffinatly 5 stars for the awesome thich full music. It's a must for death fans or just try it anyway!.


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