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Anthem - Cuttin Thru II The Remix 1981 / 1999


01. Spiritual Warfare
02. On Your Knees
03. Winners
04. Cuttin' Thru'
05. Word
06. Cheap Thrill
07. Free You
08. Morning Star
09. Doctor
10. Don't Be Deceived


Mary Pinkley – Lead Vocals
Freddie Andrade – Keyboards
Mike Manthei – Guitars
Kent Vander Weide – Bass
Doug Cordell – Guitars
Gene Grammatico – Drums


Female-fronted blues/rock band from 1981 Mary Pinkley's incredible soulful vocals, If you like bands like Barnabas and Armored Choir, you'll love Anthem! / Anthem's only release is finally Digitally Remastered on CD! / What force draws three friends back together after a fifteen year absence to work on a musical project nearly 20 years old? Senility? Too much time on their hands? The truth is, it's the feeling we'd left something undone when our first project was released, and we never had the ability to do anything about it... Until 1999.


In 1981, Anthem was basically one girl and five guys with a lot of passion for music and God. Mary had the voice and the band brought the groove. The lyrics came out of personal experience, pain and hope, while the music was a collection of favorite feels - "riff-rock," they called it. They spent most of their Saturday nights playing the Christian coffee houses of Oklahoma. Places with names like "Rainbow's End," "The Salt Shaker," and "The Fifth Quarter." The music fit in well with the street evangelism crowd. The words were based on timeless truths straight out of the Bible.


When "Cuttin' Thru'" was first recorded, it was the local fans that supplied the initial finances to get studio time. But it was a lack of sufficient funding that forced them to be satisfied at the time with things that they felt they could have done better. In 1999, the band reunited to capture the original flavor of their music and see if they could remix the old master tapes and add what they would have done in 1981, if they'd had the time and technology / The result is this disc. Here is Anthem the way they sounded in rehearsal. here is the passion that caused them to skip lunch to play Spiritual Warfare five times in a row, and then go back to work -- hungry, but satisfied. Here is the album that spans 18 years from basic tracks to mixdown. Play it loud / Anthem is a Christian 1980s Metal Rock Band (compare to Rez Band or Styper from the same era.)


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