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Tsavo - When The Lions Are Hungry 1995 / 2012


01. Welcome to Tsavo

02. Tsavo

03. When The Lions Are Hungry

04. Unborn

05. Reborn

06. Humanity

07. Immunodeficiency

08. Take Me Out Of This Prison

09. The Solution


11. Tsavo (Demo '95 version)

12. Unborn (Demo '95 version)

13. Humanity (Demo '95 version)


Rinaldo Macedo - Guitars (Leprosy, Tsavo Inc, Arnion, Tsavo Inc.)

Regis Melo - Drums (Fate Cross, Refine, Tsavo Inc.)

Cleiton Magno - Vocals (Disaffection, Tsavo Inc.singing for Both bands)

Julio Macaco - Bass (Fate Cross, Tsavo Inc.)


HolyMetalRon"(HMR)" is pleased to announce that Brazil's Thrash metal warriors Tsavo Inc. have signed with Metal For A Dark World to release their first full-length album titled "When The Lions Are Hungry"!


Hailing from Goiania, Brazil, Tsavo Inc. was formed by Rinaldo Macedo on guitars in 1995. The band played several concerts in Brazil, and recorded a demo titled "Thrash Metal Attack" as well as recorded a split album with another band that was titled "Fast Food Thrash Metal". The band decided to take a break in 2003. In 2004, Rinaldo became a member of the thrash band Arnion, who toured and also released a demo in 2006 titled "Refuge", then a full-length album titled "Fall Like Rain", which was picked up for a re-release along with the demo by Retroactive Records. Arnion broke up in 2008.


After the split of Arnion, Rinaldo decided to revive Tsavo Inc. Rinaldo, along with Regis Melo started the band back up and asked Cleiton Magno, the lead singer of another great Brazilian thrash band called Disaffection (who have also released an album titled "Begin The Revolution" on Bombworks Records), to join in on vocals. Julio Macaco rounded out the band on bass and the band started playing live shows and recently came out of the studio with their first full length album, "When The Lions Are Hungry" recorded and ready to shop to labels. As a bonus, the album will be released along with their 1995 Demo!!


Tsavo Inc. takes their musical influences from bands such as Exodus, Slayer, Whiplash, Kreator and Destruction, but also have a modern 2000s sound that is all their own. / The album will be released as a Limited Edition CD as well as digital download worldwide. Look for more information regarding the release as well as information on pre-orders in the coming weeks! The song "When The Lions are Hungry" will be heard exclusively on the next Metal For A The Thrashmetal' s World podcast, coming any day now!



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