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Heartbeat - I Will Speak Out 1991


01. I Will Speak Out

02. Let's Stand Together

03. I Can See A New Generation

04. You Are Crowned

05. Jesus, Il Sera De Retour

06. I Need Your Love

07. The Chant

08. How Great Is Your Love

09. How I Love You

10. History Maker

11. Hearts Of Fire


Sue Rinaldi - Lead Vocals

Ian Townend - Guitars. Background Vocals

Su Reeves Bassett - Background Vocals

Dave Bankhead - Keyboads

Clive Urquhart - Drum

Steve Bassett - Bass


Subtitled 'Songs For A New Generation Volume 2' (a wise move not to go with that for a title!) this is in fact stronger almost in every aspect to its predecessor. The arrangements are more crisply contemporary, there are at least three songs here with hooks strong enough to find their way into congregational worship (if only through the activism of the youth group) and Sue Rinaldi has never been in better voice. Try "Jesus, II Sera De Ritour" for size. As a long time devotee of Ms. Rinaldi, (remember when she did the Spring Harvest fringe with Keith Loring some years back?) I consider her brittle, mildly soulful voice a wonderful pop instrument. Heartbeat clearly have a ministry and though it now seems increasingly unlikely that we're ever going to see them as genuine pop chart hitmakers their wholesome pop sound is skilfully done while their move to put pop production values into praise-orientated material must be applauded.



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