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John Fischer - Still Life 1974


01. Still Life

02. Simple Pleasures

03. Setting Of The Sun

04. I'm Human

05. Matthew's Blues

06. Brightest And Best

07. All Day Song

08. We Are All Together

09. Rest In Him


Acoustic Guitar – Dean Parks

Backing Vocals – Dan Collins, Melba Caster, Pam Mark, Walt Harrah

Bass – Reine Press

Drums – Ron Tutt

Electric Guitar – Louie Shelton

Piano – John Fischer (2)

Violin [Solo] – Sid Sharp

I have this classic album before ccm was really born: yes, John helped paved the way, the sound of ccm. / This is your more than welcome tunes inside the church walls during this era (well most of them) / "All Day Song" will always be a fave; so simple in content, but shines out truth: thanks John. Top ccm singer/songwriter Julie Miller is known to assist in bgvs for the song; she was about 17 then.

The basic 2 minute piano title "Still Life" starts side 1; a gentle reminder of Psalm 46:10a. Dan Collins also provides bgvs (husband to Jamie Owens); he is also responsible for co-producing the album. John actually introduced Dan & Jamie to each other in 1975; they married the following year. Another well known ccm artist was just breaking waves prior to ccm solo career; Pam Mark (Hall) assists with bgvs on the album. Pam is heard so well on the bluesy side 2 / starter "Matthew's Blues": her first solo "Flying" would be heard the following year. How soothing and perfect, the closer "Rest in Him". Hats off to a great ccm vet singer/songwriter/musician. GOD Bless!-Don


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