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Fear Not - Fear Not 1993


01. Take Hold

02. Easy Come, Easy Go

03. Give It Up

04. Mad World

05. Money Money

06. Mr. Compromise

07. Suicide Sunshine

08. There Is Love

09. Till The End Of My Days

10. We Have A God


Chris Howell ? Guitar, Backing Vocals

Gary Hanson ? Drums, Backing Vocals

Larry Worley ? Lead/Backing Vocals

Guitar, Rod Romero ? Bass, Backing Vocals


Additional Musicians

Dino Elefante ? Background Vocals

Jeff Gunn ? Background Vocals

E.L. McNeely ? Bass




when I received the record company bio for Fear Not. It blithely ignores the fact that the band previously recorded as Love Life and makes it out as if the team are a carefully watched-over new discovery. Hardly! As Love Life, the band presented stuff to Pakaderm, who gave them the typical industry run-around...'til Love Life came into Pakaderm West to record their debut album for Blond Vinyl. As Love Life's former manager related to me, the Pakaderm fellows were less than pleased by this turn of events. "John and Dino (Elephante) didn't dally around when they got a second chance, though. And I believe all of us are the happier for this."


We had a big dream with Love Life and it didn't really happen. The label we were on was an alternative label and didn't really know how to promote a rock band or have the resources to. In the rock industry, you're up against people who have a lot more money to promote and put out a better record. We went through some member changes and direction changes. We got a little heavier and the name Love Life didn't really fit the new sound. Michael Cutting (ex-Holy Soldier) came in the band for a little while and had a name Fear No Evil. He left, because he wasn't into the fulltime ministry and fulltime touring, and when he did, he took the name Fear No Evil. We thought, 'Shoot, we'll just call it Fear Not.' Two weeks after Michael left the band we did a showcase with Pakaderm and got signed."


"Michael and Larry started working together, out of the blue, painting apartment buildings," explained Gary. "They started talking and jamming at lunch a little bit. We let Michael in the band and Larry dropped the guitar. It was great, as far as chemistry, and musically it was a really cool sound. After we did some recording, Michael decided not to do the fulltime band thing. And Larry was itching to play guitar again anyway."


Fear Not are now toting a new guitar player, Chris Howell. "He joined the band before Michael, when our old guitar player, Darin Eby, left. He used to be in Showdown. We met Chris at the NAMM show. We gave him the Love Life CD, and he didn't really like it. So we sent him our new demo and it was exactly what he liked, so he joined the band."


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