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Halo - Heaven Calling 1991


01. Jacob's Dream

02. It's Your Decision

03. Saved by Grace

04. Heaven Calling

05. Thy Will Be Done

06. Secret of Love

07. Climb the Mountain

08. Eye of the Storm

09. Man from the Galilee My Buddy


Scott Springer - Bass, Lead Vocals

Barry Graul - Guitar, Vocals

Mike Graham - Drums, Keyboards, Vocals

John Elefante Co-Producer

Dino Elefante Co-Producer


Alabama power pop band featuring Scott Springer on vocals and produced by John and Dino Elefante, who also co-wrote many of the songs,If you like Petra, this radio-friendly album will surely delight you. My personal favorite: "Thy Will Be Done" and "Heaven Calling" and "Clim The Mountain" and "In The Eyes OF The Storm", I really liked this album, especially "Jacob's Dream", "Saved By Grace", and "It's Your Decision". Clean production ala Pakaderm.


Reminded me of another band that I loved, Idle Cure (it's been as easy for me to find anything by Halo as trying to attend a Barnabas concert in 1985) not only a rocker, but the lyrical message is loud and clear and inspirational , would definitely recommend this album. Anything with the Elefante Brother's brand on it is a masterpiece as far as I'm concerned,more than Lite AOR. This is the kind of stuff a born-again doctor would play in his office--or in the elevators at Bob Jones University. Apparently, 4 minutes was all Halo could pack into a song: Anything longer would have strained them too much.


A best forgotten band which should be avoided like the plague,This Band reminds me of the sound of the secular band "Yes". A very hard to find CDs But you can have it now here there's only one copy from all the cds I'm selling here so once it will be sold my bussine is Done." Halo - Same title" the AOR finery at hand. The keyboard work is truly first-rate and the vocals soar with all the polish and precision of Elefante production. "Skyrocket", "Lose to Live", "Good Feeling" and "Jesus Music" are four reasons to hunt down this Christian AOR gem ASAP!! If you know their music already, then this is no surprise to you then.


For those who wish to experiment, then check this out immediately, as well as their follow up "Heavens Calling" from 1991. The mere fact that the Elefante's are involved should help you cement that decision.And what became of Keith Mims?? He Went For his solo Career on "Language Barrier" is one of the tastiest solos of all time,anyway "Halo" Halo released two albums in the early 90's on Pakaderm records and produced by John and Dino Elefante. Simple understandable lyrics and catchy hooks with a strong gospel message, 80's rock with the Pakaderm stamp of approval.


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