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Arsenal - Armored Choir 1990


01. Turn Around
02. Someone Believes In You
03. Armored Choir
04. Coming Back To You
05. Forever Yours
06. The Valley
07. You're No Good For Me
08. Bishop Of Souls
09. Take It Away
10. The Candle...the Flame

The Band
Dave Calliano - Drums
J.D. Miller - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Kandy Slaughter - Bass & 12 String Acoustic Guitar
Christine Steel - Lead Vocals

Additional Musicians
Carl Albrecht - Session Drums
Doug Kirkland - Backing Vocals
Russ Kirkland - keys, Backing Vocals
Dale Tiemann - Backing Vocals


Christian rock band, Arsenal, began in the decade of the eighties, when the outpouring of "white metal" Bands, mostly male fronted, had hit the scene following the commercial success of Stryper. Several female fronted groups made their mark as well, including Barnabas and Ransom. Florida based band, Arsenal, fronted by Christine Steel, hit the scene around this same time. Arsenal recorded a Demo containing the songs / Reaching For The Truth/ & / Golden Love / And "Don’t Let It Pass You By". The band followed up with the tracks / Message Of Love / & / Stand Strong / on the East Coast Metal CD in 1988 prior to releasing its full length debut, Armored Choir, in 1990.

Initially, the band consisted of Christine Steel on lead vocals, J.D. Miller on rhythm and lead guitar, Wayne Scott on rhythm guitar, Kandi Slaughter on acoustic guitar and bass, and Dave Calianno on Drums.J.D. went on to form a talented local band called, Prophecy. He now resides in TN. with is family and is the first Arsenal alumni to become a Grand-parent. He is the proud Grandfather to a beautiful little girl. / Wayne Scott formed the successful band, Loud Water. He continues to do well with his band and has a beautiful wife and two terrific boys (now young men).

Dave and Kandi have also moved on to new and exciting ventures of their own. Both are dong very well. / After the release of Armored Choir, Christine hired two new guitarists; Brien DeChristopher on rhythm guitar, followed by Kevin Pike on lead guitar. Both strong men of GOD, the duo breathed new life into the band, thus changing and improving the sound all together Arsenal continued to perform and record under the name Arsenal, but thought it would be fun to create a side project. The called it, Peace Child, recorded a five song demo that moved in a blues based, hard rock with classic rock, musical direction. One review said:

"Heavier at times and more acoustic laced in comparison to Armored Choir, the demo brings to mind Kinetic Faith era Bride but replace Dale Thompson with a searing female lead vocalist. Yes, the music here is that good in reflecting the significant growth and maturity made by Christine and company in terms of not only their musicianship but abilities in the studio as well. (The demo showcases a sound which is much more balanced and professional.) What stands out most about the project, nonetheless, is the incredible guitar work of (Kevin) Pike and (Brien) DeChristopher – both acoustic and lead of a bluesy and fiery variety – in addition to the fact that all five tracks are carried out past five minutes, which helps lend to their depth and long term lasting value. All in all, the overall feeling I get here is that I wish Christine had recorded a full length album along this line. In other words, I want to hear more. And that is a very good thing."*

After receiving many similar reviews, Arsenal continued to incorporate this sound into the band. / Today the music of Arsenal is ever evolving as we go through various life experiences. The LORD JESUS CHRIST continues to walk with us through valleys and up mountains, which is naturally reflective in our music. / Arsenal remains alive and well thanks to the LORD JESUS CHRIST and to you, our beloved fans. We appreciate your prayers as we venture into the future, the LORD willing. We love you and of course, you are in our hearts and prayers always. May the LORD bless you richly in HIS love.


This is a Rare Gem 80's White Melodic-Metal Disc with Female Vocalist. very original,And well performed. Fans of "Heart" and "Ransom bands" will love to add these to their collections. / It's kinda refreshing to hear a band come along that has a Female as their lead vocalist in this world where men typically dominate the metal world. Awesome encouraging lyrics and their style is kinda similar to Doro Pesch from the secular band Warlock. Sadly, this release came too late as the grunge movement had hit and pretty much killed off all glam. If they could have released this around 85-86, I believe they could have done much better! I think they had a demo before this album under the name "Scymitar".

What Arsenal brings to the table on Armored Choir is an eighties influenced blend of Melodic Metal, Commercial Glam/Hard Rock, Melodic RockThe album finds the band Displaying a penchant for composing a Quality Hard Rock number, the likes of / Turn Around / Someone Believes In You / Take It Away/ And / You're No Good For Me / all standing out as a result of their guitar driven energy and momentum.

J.D. Miller handles all Guitar Duties, nailing some bluesy leads on / Someone Believes In You / And / You're No Good For Me / and cutting loose in more ardent fashion on, Take It Away/ And / The Valley / Bassist Kandy Slaughter and Drummer Dave Caliano round out The Rhythm Section,

also do the same with the Ballad / Forever Yours .The song slowly moves through its first and Second verse to An Acoustic Guitar, picking up in pace upon obtaining a chorus that comes across on the drab and colorless side of things.The lyrics here, however, are quite good.The hard rocking / The Valley / on the other hand, rates with the albums best.

Introduced to an ominous keyboard Solo, the song takes off to a furious storm of Rhythm Guitar, determinedly driving ahead until a blues soaked chorus with a hook of the refuse to go away variety is obtained. Miller's Fluid soloing matches the songs energetic aura. The Valley? talks about leaving the past behind:

Commencing to a drum solo before taking off to an Edgy Rhythm Guitar, You're No Good For Me / advances resolutely until it acquires a chorus in which a firm and unwavering environment is put into place.Several seconds of bluesy lead work backed by vocal harmonies shores up an energetic instrumental section. Bishop Of Souls / opens slowly to several seconds of keyboards only to take off to a blend of Rhythm Guitar and pounding drums. The song proceeds to impel through its first verse in a striking manner, breaking out with a plethora of appeal for a chorus with a huge, catchy hook.Great song that is by far the albums best.Bishop Of Souls/ touches upon the second coming:

Regency Records, 1990. Possibly the last release before Regency went under? Commercial Glam Metal with lots of Hooks and strong Female vocals a la Doro Pesch (from secular rockers Warlock).JD Miller Guitarist and Founding Member of Scymitar Named Changed to Arsenal. The band put out a lot of Demo's looking for record deals. One of our Demo got into the hands of Doug Mann with Rex Records.

Arsenal put two songs on the East Coast Metal compilation CD, Message of Love and Stand Strong in 1988 with Regency Records and one song (Stand Strong) on the Classic Metal compilation CD. Then about two years later Arsenal Signed a 3 Years Record contract with Regency Records. Arsenal Put Out Their Debut Full Length CD Called "ARMORED CHOIR" in 1990. After The Release of Armored Choir in 1990 Their contract with Regency Records Became Annulled in 1991 when Regency Record went out of Business , J.D NILLER Decided it was time for a change, so He quitted Arsenal, Not long after J.D NILLER Quitted Arsenal They Disbanded. J.D NILLER Started His New Band Prophecy.

The Guitarist's J.D. Miller From Arsenal Went to Form A New Band Called ("Prophecy - Real Life 1997") is also the Founding Member of Prophecy. Prophecy is the Band JD Miller put together after quitting Arsenal when the record label went under. Christina Steel Went to Fronted A New Band Called ("Peace Child") That Count with Tracks.

Christian Rock Band, Arsenal, began in the decade of the eighties, when the outpouring of "White Metal" Bands, Mostly Male Fronted, had hit the scene following the commercial success of Stryper. Several Female Fronted groups made their mark as well, including Barnabas and Ransom. Florida Based Band, Arsenal, Fronted by Christine Steel, hit the scene around this same time.


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