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Angelica - Time Is All It Takes 1992


01. Gotta Get Ready

02. Running Wild

03. Second Chances

04. I Can Hardly Wait to See

05. Open Your Mind

06. Don't Stop"

07. Time Is All It Takes

08. Carry Me



Drew Baca - Vocals

Robert Pallen - Bass

Scott Ernest - Drums

Dennis Cameron- Guitars & Vocals

Andy Lyon - Vocals

Rob Rock - Vocals (Only On The Same Tittle)

Guitar virtuoso Dennis Cameron's style is much in the vein of Eddie Van Halen and Rex Carroll. these albums are a must for any classic 80's rock enthusiast.One of the best Christian melodic metal bands of the late 80s/early 90s, thanks to the sizzling guitars of Dennis Cameron, who also had a knack for a good hook and excellent production skills, because this CD sounds very clean & tight.

The choruses utilize the multi-layered backing vocal sound so adored by fans of this genre, making ANGELICA a heavenly choice for anyone seeking some high-quality melodic metal.ANGELICA in my opinion, produced some very good music, but overall did not consistantly make enough songs to grab the attention of Metal Music Fans during the late 80s & early 90s.Their albums were not as in demand like Stryper,Mastedon,Barren Cross & such at that time.Dennis Cameron is a"Genious" of a guitar player though.His talent is probably in the top 10 percent of the world! the Song "Hold On" is a Classic, from their(Walk'n in Faith) CD. My advice is TRY before you BUY,& you be the judge.


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This was an amazing band. Very strong guitar work, vocals, and song writing. Cameron was good enough on guitar to have Michael Sweet ask him to tour with his initial solo band effort. If you haven't heard them, you need to check them out. There is a song called "Follow Me, Follow Him" on a cassette called "White Metal Invasion" that does not appear on the cd's mentioned here on this section of Firestream. The song has a lead vocalist that I think appears on the first cd by name only, but Rob Rock ended up doing the vocals while Ken Tamplin produced the album (and sang a song as well).

Just putting that out there because it is interesting to hear Angelica before their self titled release. Cameron also went on to form Cynical Limit which was a more modern rock band. Angelica has a video that appears on Hot Metal Summer 4 Vhs. Anyway, great stuff here in this band. Cameron is one of the best guitarists in Christian rock.Absolutly fantastic. The Eddie Van Halen of Christian music.

I emailed Dennis and told him it was just a shame his record label didn't promote this band more. Extremely talented man. He basically was the band. I've been a metal head going on 30 years and haven't heard guitar playing and song writing like this. Just a bit of trivia, Dennis was in prior band called Antix in his native Canada.The 2 CD's are hard to find, but I found them on a compilation CD on ebay. Also, his post Angelica band, Cynical Limit, met a similar fate. The album was incredible, but the record label was small and eventually folded. He deserves much better.


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