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Angelica - Walkin' In Faith 1990


01. Walkin' in Faith

02. Hold On

03. All I Can Do

04. Soul Search

05. Time and Time Again

06. Sing and Shout"

07. Set Me Free

08. Not Too Late

09. Bring Into Being

10. Harvest (Instrumental)



Jerome Mazza - Lead And Backing Vocals

Dennis Cameron - Guitars,Drum

Dennis Cameron - Programming, Backing Vocals

Robert Pallen - Bass, Backing Vocals


This is an awesome album. The Guitar Choreography is absolutely awesome!!! This rivals any secular hair band from back in the day... It has the music, it has the feel, and MOST IMPORTANTLY it has a positive message!!! Dennis Cameron can play the Guitar better than most Secular Guitarists of his day in 1990. My favorite songs are: Walkin" In Faith, Harvest (Instrumental) & Not Too Late /  I love their other three but I think one of the things that really makes this one stand out is Jerome Mazza the lead vocalist. This was the only one he sang on and I don't know whatever happened to him but his vocals were amazing. Rob Rock was good on their first album and Drew Baca was good on "Rock, Stock and Barrel" and "Time Is All It Takes" but Jerome Mazza blew them both away on "Walkin' In Faith". Buy this if you can get your hands on it.



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