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Calvario - Ixoye 1993/2009


01. Tola Odisséia

02. Herdeiros do Reino

03. Bosques em Coma

04. Jesus aos que Vivem Perdidos

05. Ixoye

06. Pacto

07. Passaporte ao Paraíso

08. Tempos de Justiça



Sandro Demaria - Vocals

Sá Bolan - Bass

Areu Iommy - Guitare

Abel Pezão - Batterie


Ixoye CD. Reissue of rare early 90s Oldschool Thrash Metal from South America. Includes a bonus track cover version of Godzilla!, This is a great re-issue coming from the label "Blood and Iron Records", containing all the tracks of the 1993 album, remastered in 2009 + 04 Bonus (03 tracks from 2009 + 01 Video Clip)!. One of the rarest white metal albums of all time finally on CD! / Brasilian Band CALVARIO released this album originally in 1993, which was re-released on CD in 2009 by a small Portuguese label. The band today is not so known, but were among the earliest Christian metal bands from Brasil with their mix of traditional classic doom and heavy metal.


CALVARIO enjoys a big cult among Epic Metal/Doom collectors as one of the unique bands in South America to pay tribute to grandiose masters like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Omen and Cirith Ungol. Much more than the average “white” Metal band, CALVARIO delivers pure Heavy Metal with epic doom vibe, sung in powerful high pitch vocals, like a cross between Tim Baker (C. Ungol) and Eric Wagner (Trouble), with the creative guitar work of band leader Areu “Iommi”, an injusticed talent kept in obscurity. Packed with bonus tracks and one video-clip, this is a must-have in your collection from a very special “born too late” Band,The new bonus songs were recorded in 2008 and prove the band maintains total integrity with the original sound and we can’t wait for a new album!.



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