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Jesus Freaks - Socially Unacceptable 1996


01. Religion

02. Hypocrite

03. Mourning by Night

04. D.U.I.

05. Scarlet Pleasures

06. Die With Me

CREDIT:Last Known Line Up

Eric Peterson - Bass/Vocals

Keith White - Guitars

Jeff Hutchinson - Drums


Additional notes

Eric Peterson - Bass (is not to be confused with the Testament)(Later Changed Their Name TO Blind Eye Open)

Last issue Mike Stanley began what could become a trend by comparing an album to a car - Jesus Freaks rate less like a car and more like a high speed freight train with gofaster stripes and carrying three million tons of steel. Once again the Yanks have shown the Brits that they can really mosh it up good and proper when they want to. 'Socially Unacceptable' is relentless thrash/speedcore with straightforward, no compromise lyrics that,for a change,and be clearly heard.The subject matter deals with falsity and hypocrisy, drug abuse and the emptiness of sexual relationships outside of God's order.The album comes with a letter of recommendation from their pastor, Jim Arnold, and it's not one of those predictable Sanctuary type letters in which the hippy vicar pretends to be cool; "Their style of music is not my cup of tea," he says, "but I am excited about their sincere desire to preach an upfront clear gospel / Socially Unacceptable' is gripping stuff so how about some competition Britain?This little indie disc sold over 15,000 units from what I have been told, and that without any distribution.

Thrash metal that was often compared to early Metallica, but to tell the truth, the only similarity is in the vocals of bassist Eric Peterson."Hypocrite" is a killer tune! Bought this one new from the one store in town that caries indie stuff. Hard to find now.This is what I had been looking for at the time of its release - a Christian band that beared some resemblance to early Metallica. I'd say if Metallica has recorded an EP between Kill `Em All and Ride The Lightning,it might have sounded like this. Awesome old-school thrash with Hetfield-esque vocals.

Fav tracks here are "Religion", "Hypocrite", and "Die With Me".I guess the Freaks decided that they needed to make up for only releasing a six song ep, so they released this mega-long, 14 song album. With the exception of Eric Peterson, the band was made up of all new members by this time, but they had been touring together for a couple of years. I saw the Jesus Freaks twice touring for this album. Both times they played with Ultimatum and one of times, the Moshketeers played as well. Anyhow, with the member change came a style change.While they remained heavy, their sound went from thrash to more of a heavy, midtemp groove. There are a few faster moments("ps 55") and a few more mellow,somber moments ("83 xyz")but overall, the entire CD keeps the same mid pace speed.

While I do enjoy this disc,I like their first disc better. The production was a little better on the first album as well.The mix on"Jesus Freaks" is muddy.ANYWAY.Take A View to This Short Review,Greetings everyone.We get alot of questions and the sort about playing out. Well, we haven't been a band in quite some time and I don't forsee J.F.doing anything in the near future.Maybe something will come about, if there's a reason and a way,

in the future.Right now, this page is what it is, to remember the music and message we intended to convey. We want everyone who remembers Jesus Freaks to continue to remember us and to also spread the word about the music and message. I appreciate all the support and all the questions about Jesus Freaks.If you have questions about the members and what they're up to or whatever it may be,sharing stories or wondering why this or that, just drop us a line and we'll be sure to answer all things Jesus Freaks. Again, thanks for stopping by and listening and maybe adding us. We appreciate it.And just a final note,unfortunatly, we will not be playing live anytime soon. So that question is answered. Everyone is busy doing their own thing and life has to move on.

We can only keep the Jesus Freaks spirit alive on this site.The Only Dedicated Page To The Band.We're looking for live footage of Jesus Freaks. If you have some you'd like to share with us, it would GREATLY appreciated.Specifically from the 95 tour with Mortification and the 96 Bulldozer tour. Please, if you have some footage you wouldn't mind sharing, drop me a line please,. Sorry, no affiliation with DC talk...PERIOD!!!


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