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Groms - Ascension 1994 / 1996


01. Ascension

02. From Dust to Dust

03. True Wisdom

04. The Riddle

05. Truth Misunderstood

06. Noone

07. The End of the Age

08. The Voice of Righteousness

09. The Just Shall Live by Faith


Line up:

Oyvind Haugland - Vocals, Guitar

Hans Dalen - Guitar

Haakon Johanessen - Bass

Petter Gordon Jensen - Drums


Groms was a Doomy White metal Band whose moniker was an abbreviation for God Rules Over My Soul. An independent release from 1993 was called Turn. Groms also appeared on the Northern Lights sampler, With Dalen's departure the band soon broke apart. Pleitegeier Records re-released the album in 1996.


There are three versions of this album, and all are out of print, and very hard to find, Originally self released by the Band; first re-released by Arctic Serenades on CD (SERE 002), then re-released again by Pleitgeier Records.


GROMS hail from my homeland of Norway, but unlike most known Norwegian bands, they do not play black metal. They play a groovy form of death metal, and they do it well. The music is skillfully written, and the message is uplifting. Imagine a mix between Schaliach and Believer!! But there is a downside to the album also. I just don't sit back with any feelings after listening through it. The music is good, but easily forgotten. It's not boring, but not breathtaking either. The most interesting track is the bonus-track, originally recorded on a demo they released before this album. If you like death metal, Groms will please you. So good luck finding a copy!.


Formed in Kristiansand, Norway in 1992. This groovy death metal band toured in Poland in 1993. On December 21st, 1994, their one and only album 'Ascension' was released on the Arctic Serenades label. There were reports of a second album, tentatively entitled 'I Beseech Thee', but nothing more came out of it. As guitarist Hans Dalen left the band, they split up. Torodd Fuglesteg, the man behind Arctic Serenades, is a very anti-religious person and the relationship between label and band resulted in severed ties. Their album was re-released by Pleitegeier Records in 1996.


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