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Valor / Golgatha - Fight For Your Life / Prisoner 1983 / 1988 /2004


01. Valor

02. The Flesh Is Weak

03. Fight For Your Life

04. Empty Tomb

05. Didn't I

06. It's Not Too Late

07. Accept Him

08. Masquerade

09. Burn

Golgotha - Prisoner

10. Prisoner [Demo]

11. Cry Of The Heathen [Demo]

12. Follow Me [Demo]

13. At The Foot Of The Cross [Demo]

14. Living On The Edge Of The Night" [Live]

15. Cry Of The Heathen [Live]

16. The Mark/Day Of The Lord" [Live]

17. Turn Of Burn [Live]

18. Runner [Live]


Valor/Golgatha - Fight For Your Life/Prisoner (Retroactive)1983/1988/2004



Valor - 'Fight For Your Life (1-9):

Jim Maxwell - Drums

Adam Alvarez - Bass, Vocals

Chris Price - Guitars

Michael Brueck - Vocals



Golgatha - 'Prisoner' + live tracks (10-18):

Tony Crider - Vocals

Gary Gladson - Guitar

Albert Whalen - Drums

Adam Alvarez - Bass, Vocals

Originally released in 1988, Valor's album "Fight For Your Life" is a hot collectible in the vinyl scene. Valor's appeal comes from their metal look and precise playing. Obviously masters of their instruments, the band formulates a strong metal sound influenced by early Slayer, Exodus, and Metallica. In 1985, Golgotha released a powerful demo that took the Christian metal scene by storm. "Prisoner" provided four songs that proved the band not only had the chops, but also strong songs that made them favorites in the underground metal scene. The "Prisoner" demo showcases good production and leaves fans wanting more powerful metal in the vein of Iron Maiden. That's why we have added another four songs of "Live" Golgotha material, filling the CD out to almost 80 minutes. /

"Burn" which isn't a song, but rather a drama-like track about a man standing in the presence of God being judged. This track chilled me to my bone. I also remember the music being aggressive thrash metal. I hadn't actually pulled out that tape in years. It wasn't until I found out it was being remastered and released on CD that I got the chance to hear this album again.

Unfortunately my memories of this album were a bit better than the music actually is. Rather than thrash, the music here rides the fence between classic heavy metal and speed metal. Much of this album did not hold up well with time. However, I did find a few tracks that I still liked quite a bit. "Valor" and "Masquerade" are both standout tracks. "Accept Him" is a bizzare thrash polka with a punk delivery. Also, "Burn" still sent chills down my spine. So, while "Fight for Your Life" wasn't quite as good as I remembered it being, it was still an interesting listen and had plenty of nostalgic value. The sound quality is a bit better than the tape. / This 2004 CD reissue included several demo and live tracks from Golgatha, the name of the band before they became Valor. The production on these tracks are pretty poor. Still these tracks are a nice inclusion and I am glad to have them. The demo tracks were recorded in 1985.


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