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First Strike - Crank It Up 1987


01. Some Kind Of Lover

02. Don't Let Me Walk Away

03. Power

04. Come Back


CREDITS:Last known Line-Up


Dave Camponaro - Vocals

Tim Larkin - Guitar

Pat Boylan - Guitar,

Chris Salmon - Bass

Johnnie Delaney - Drums


Former/Past Members:

Tony Gunn - Vocals

Rob - Vocal


"Sounding like 38 Special after discovering a heavier rhythm and longer guitar solos, First Strike’s debut release, Rock of Offense was a breath of fresh air in the stagnant world of rock music in CCM. Produced by The 77′s Mike Roe, First Strike struck at the heart of fans of Triumph, the Scorpions and Journey. Wall of sound backing vocals supporting loud drums (with actual fills), pounding bass and extra crispy and crunchy guitars.


Lyrically the band branched out into topical fair that would later be the norm for Christian alternative and heavy bands, but at the time were considered risque and controversial. There was no secret as to the content of the songs as the titles pretty much told the story. Loneliness Kills, Hurt By Love and Dirty Loving are self-explanatory. The latter caused several Christian Bookstores to ban the sale of the album".


First Strike was a christian hard rock band that hailed from Sacramento California. The band formed in the late 70's/early eighties. The original line up consisted of guitarists Pat Boylan and Tim Larkin, drummer Johnnie Delaney, singer Tony Gunn and bassist Chris Salmon. In 1983 the band landed a recording contract with the new wave lable Exit Records.


In 1984 the band released its debut release, Rock Of Offense. The album was produced by christain punk icon Michael Roe of The 77's and long time Bride engineer Steve Griffith. Due to the lable not knowing how to market the band the album stiffed, although it did recieve some disribution to christian bookstores throughout the US.


By 1985 the band was dropped from Exit, In 1986 the band replaced Tony Gunn with David Camponaro and released a cassette only 4 song EP titled Crank It Up directly through the band. Crank It Up was more of a pop release than the traditional hard rock vein. The band permantely split up shortly after. / Actually, Retroactive had plans to reissue this one, but at least one of the band members blocked it. At least that was what I heard.


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