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Heaven's Rage - Temporary 1993


01. Listen

02. Answer

03. Slave

04. Zombie

05. Junkie

06. Drown

07. Demorilized

08. Empty

09. Mad Cow

10. Temporary

11. Stand

12. Choices

13. Waiting

14. Nailed

15. Generation X

16. Repent

Heaven's Rage is a band that obviously grew up listening to the thrash metal classics. Their 1993 indie release is for fans of Metallica, Megadeath, Testament, Tourniquet, and Deliverance, featuring weighty, dissonant guitars coupled with groovin' mosh-inducing crunch, propelling waves of relentless energy with all the speed, hooks, and solos that classic thrash metal heads reminisce about from the band that later became Lucid.


I can honestly say that these guys had a real heart for ministy,And I think the music is great, i like the Guitar Sound. they remind me a bit of maybe T.O.H., Godly lyrics,The production it's also OK To Me,I Could Say This is All About old school metal sound. these guys also dabble in the thrash dept.occasionally.

like many other bands of this genre, A band that obviously grew up listening to the thrash metal classics, Heaven’s Rage has all the essentials to please fans of Metallica, Megadeath and Deliverance - weighty, dissonant guitars coupled with groovin' mosh-inducing crunch. "Temporary" administers waves of relentless energy with all the speed, hooks and solos metalheads have been waiting for! Let the headbanging commence!" -Brutal Planet Distribution,This Band Is also recommended for fans of Testament and Tourniquet.

My guess is that it was advertised in HM Magazine in the past. The cover looks eerily familiar. Anyways...this album was originally released in 1993 and Retroactive Records is making it available again. This is not a re-release, but the label is just making it easier for fans to find this album twelve years after it's release.


Temporary starts off very different than most albums...especially metal albums. The opening 3 minute and 21 second spoken vocal track is basically a plea to look at your life acknowledge your sin and accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour. I've seen stuff like this at the end of CD's before, but never at the first. The remainder of the album is basically some average thrash metal with some very sub-par vocals. You have your standard crunchy guitars, a little speed and groove here and there, some guitar solos, pounding drums with lots of double bass, and cleanly sung/screamed vocals that do absolutely nothing to impress me in the slightest. This album is being advertised for fans of Megadeth, Metallica, Testament, Deliverance, and Tourniquet. Unfortunately, Heaven's Rage is not even in the same ballpark as those bands. There are some decent moments, but this is nothing I'm going to listen to again after this review.


Production quality is average, packaging is ummm...weird. I'd say these guys are the Galactic Cowboys of thrash metal with pictures of cows, little babies with guitars, the band's faces imposed on Mount Rushmore, and other crazy stuff inside the CD booklet. Lyrically, the band is very bold for their faith in Christ. /

Here we are, in the middle of the first decade of the new century, and we old headbangers are starving for metal. I mean actual metal...thrash, speed, adrenaline pumping, riffs at 200 miles an know, metal. None of that hybrid stuff that's been shoved down our throats in the past five or ten years. And in the Christian metal arena, it seems that since the demise of Intense Records (they didn't officially fold until 1997, but let's face it...they died in late 1993), and the appearance of Tooth & Nail Records in '93, actual honest-to-God metal has been in short supply. Sure, once in a while a band like Jesus Freaks, Eternal Decision and the like will come around and give us a temporary speed fix, but then it wears off all too soon...


Heaven's Rage was one of those bands that released a demo back in 1993 of some very classic thrash metal, obviously drawing from the likes of Testament, early Megadeth and Metallica, and other metal giants of the era. Temporary features some classic heavy thrash riffs and some driving rhythms that will keep the metalhead's attention from start to finish. The production and sound is very scratchy and organic-sounding, but this actually accentuates the raw feel of the music.

Very nice. On the down side, though, the vocals just don't do it for me, making the music sound a lot like a great thrash band that hired some kid in high school to handle the vox. That, and the sub-standard and downright cheesy (although definately straight-forward and blantant from a Christian standpoint) lyrics get kind of repetitive after a while...Just a bit of useless tivia, Heaven's Rage changed their name to Lucid, and went for more of a Pantera / Machine Head modern metal sound. As far as their earlier stuff with Heaven's Rage, though, it's some decent thrash metal with some not-so-decent vocals and lyrics...worth checking out at least...



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