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Eternal Decision - E.D. III / 2002


01. Something strong

02. I walk the line

03. 1st sin

04. Grip

05. Scales

06. Flashback

07. The time has come

08. Go

09. Free

10. Closer

11. One nation


Eternal Decision are:

Joe Chambless - Bass, Vocals

Tommy Torres - Guitar

Cory Boatright - Guitar, Vocals

Kirk Campbell - Drums


I first heard of this band on the web while i was lookin for christian metal bands that sounds like secular metal bands. when i came across their name, it was next to "pantera". sooo, i had to check it out. so i went to youtube to check out a few tracks and from wat i haeard, it sounded pretty good. the singer had more of a james hetfield "black album" era vocal. the video i watched on youtube displayed the cover of this album, E.D. III, but was actually playing songs from their self titled 2005 release. so i was a little disapointed. but i just got the cd today and i gotta say, i'm impressed!!! not really the kind of metal i like but still good. this album kinda had like a Avenged Sevenfold feel, with almost like a Korn sounding crunch in the guitar and just a little bit of that james hetfeild vocal. and the lyrics are pretty good too. so yeah, if ur a fan of Numetal, this would be a good album for u. but if ur more into thrash type metal u probably wont like this.


I wish Eternal Decision were still around making music. This album is great. Not as good as their debut album but nonetheless is a good metal album with lyrics that Christians who are fans of Metallica and Pantera will love. Overall the vocals are comparable to James Hetfield accompanied by guitar riffs similar to Pantera. The music slows down a little compared to the the self titled first album but not nearly as much as on "God In The Machine". I would recommend this every time.



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