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Wisdom - Face To Face 1985


01. Devil's Lies
02. Best Friend
03. In The Air
04. Ready Or Not
05. Then
06. Since I Met You
07. Face To Face
08. Reflection

Charlie Dupuis - Bass Vocals
Guy Lavergne - Keyboads , Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Kim Roy - Lead Guitar, Six And Twelve Stringb
Kim Roy - Backing Vocals
Fred Sarver - Drums
Ket Roy - Sound
Dwayne(Dee) Morvant - Stage

if i can give an idea or describe "Wisdom" then i would be a comparition to the following bands, Follower to meet "Vision" something similar to "Ark" / its a shame that some good band as this never went to sigh to a more reconicable record company. if this would have fallen into the hand of Pure Metal or Regency Records, on those days, then we had haven another familiar band,....anyway thanks God is into my favo-tracks Are "In The Air" " Devil's Lies" & Best Friend"....."In The Air" Is a Ballad that must be placed with the greatest classic Ballads of all the times.


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