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Allies - Allies 1986


01• Surrender
02• Second Chance
03• Don’t Run Away
04• Send Me
05• Don’t Keep Him Waiting
06• Don’t You Worry
07• Morningstar
08• I’ll Be Your Brother
09• Pardon Me

Bob Carlisle - Lead Vocals,
Bob Carlisle - Backing Vocals,Guitars
Randy Thomas - Guitars,Guitar Solos,Vocals
Jimmy Erickson - Drums,Vocals
Matthew Chapman - Bass,Vocals


If you know Bob Carlisle only for his daddy ballad "Butterfly Kisses", you may not realize he made his mark first as a pop/rocker rather than an adult contemporary crooner. Allies paired Carlisle with Randy Thomas, Jim Erickson, Sam Scott and Matthew Chapman in a band that sold respectably in Christian circles through the 80s and early 90s / This album placed 2 hits (#3 "Surrender" and #9 "Don't Run Away") on the Christian radio charts. Allies' popularity probably came in large part due to the soulful grit in Carlisle's vocals on the rockier cuts and clear-cut lyrics. Carlisle's voice is usually an advantage, making cuts like "Second Chance" better than they might otherwise be, although he overdoes it at times ("Pardon Me" veers into Michael Bolton territory)


On other songs, even his pipes can't save the song from the trash heap. "Morningstar" features this couplet: "Wish I may Wish I might, open up my eyes tonight and see you face to face my Morningstar".. High points on the CD are "Send Me", "Don't You Worry" and "Don't Keep Him Waiting", which at times sounds like the Police's "white reggae". Low points are the aforementioned "Morningstar" and "Pardon Me". This band would go on to make greater music in the future so if you really want to hear their beginnings,then I Really Recommend you This Two Fisrt Releases.


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