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Allies - Long Way From Paradise 1989


01. Long Way From Paradise

02. Trust In God

03. All Day, All Night

04. Take Me Back

05. Old Man Down

06. Christian Man

07. Devil Is A Liar

08. I Wanna Be Like You

09. Walk With Me Silent

10. Rock Of Salvation

11. Crying In The Chapel



Bob Carlisle - Lead Vocals,

Bob Carlisle - Backing Vocals,Guitars

Randy Thomas - Guitars,Guitar Solos,Vocals

Jimmy Erickson - Drums,Vocals

Matthew Chapman - Bass,Vocals


While there are times the Allies would rock harder in the future, this album is the most amped up one overall they'd make during their time as a unit. Bob Carlisle or Randy Thomas (or both) must have an affection for the blues, because several songs are tinged with it. It's also one of the rare times when Christian radio played a lot of the good songs from a good album. This one's 5 hits included "Take Me Back"(#12),"All Day, All Night"(#14),"Cryin' in the Chapel"(#7),and "Trust in God"(#4),"I Wanna Be Like You"(#22).

If you are a fan of Sammy Hagar then you must give this cd a try. You will enjoy it very much. A lot of power with the vocals and music. A really good cd, not as well known as it should be, Bob's voice shines, songwriting in excellent and melodies will leave you singing them over and over. "Take Me Back" - what conviction and surrender! "All Day, All Night" is my favorite

This band really rocks out on tracks like "Christian Man" and the title track, while displaying a more melodic, eclectic side on tracks such as "Walk With Me Silent" and "I Wanna Be Like You." The band shows its immense talent throughout the album, with Bob Carlisle displaying his golden vocal cords in a more rock-oriented context than most of his later recordings. Good ol' fashioned rock-n-roll worship at its finest!!!


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