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Allies - Man With A Mission 1992


01. In My Life
02. Man With a Mission
03. Feather in Your Cap
04. Grand Facade
05. Devoted to You
06. The Deepest Part of Me
07. Heaven
08. Just Like a Father to Me
09. I'm Crying
10. Last Chance Cafe

Bob Carlisle - Lead Vocals,Backing Vocals,Guitars
Randy Thomas - Guitars,Solo Guitars,Vocals
Scott Sheriff - Keyboards,Vocals
Mark Hill - Bass,Vocals
Brian Fullen - Drums, Percussion.


A strong contender for the most misleading album cover of all time. You go into the deal expecting something akin to an anointed combination of Bon Jovi and AC/DC,Betwens Others,I do not Mean This is A clone Or Somthing Very Closer To AC/DC But Occationally You May Listen Something Of These Band I Mentioned Here, and you get.... Hmmm, what DO you get? An ooey-gooey, honey-coated hug from a big old, toothless, cuter-than-baby-drool teddy bear. It's making me all warm and embarrassed inside just thinking about it,It Also Reminds(Mike And The Mechanics)The secular 80s Pop Rock Band,A Classic This Album from Allies.


Most folks only know Bob Carlisle from the song Butterfly Kisses, but there was a Bob before... that absolutely could shake the rafters and deserves a listen. This project has a rock and blues feel from the moment it starts. From the soul reaching expressions of In My Life, to my personal favorite that delivers the rock I long for, Another Feather In Your Cap, which has a driving beat and instrumentation that needs to be turned up loud. The title cut Man With A Mission opens with some awesome guitar playing by Randy Thomas.


Heaven has got to be my second favorite, the background choir helps set the stage for this song, it has all the flavor and is still very relevant today..."As I read the morning paper it hits me once again...were surrounded by the evil of a world that's dead in sin." From the fast songs to the slow songs, it has great variety. When this copy wears out I will buy another. Allies was a tight band it shows musically and throughout their vocals as well. Each musican and singer brings great talent that helps it all come together. All songs were written by Bob Carlisle and Randy Thomas, I wish they were still together as a band.


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