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Figther - Bang The Drum 1992


01. Time Out

02. Alone With You

03. Bang The Drum

04. When Will We Learn

05. Faithfully

06. Avalanche

07. Try

08. So Much To Learn

09. Without You

10. Your Hand

11. Where Can Love Be Found


Billy Heller - Guitars, Backing Vocals

Amy Wolter - Lead And Backing Vocals

Mark Pence - Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Sean Murphy - Drums, Lead And Backing Vocals

Jim Wolter - Bass, Backing Vocals


Fighter - Bang The Drum:


This is an album for folk who sizzle their speaker cones and maintain a good relationship with their neighbours! "Hey, wait a second... you mean my housemates won't mind if I crack the ceiling a little?" Well, maybe your landlord would, but then you could tell him that you'll cut down on thrash metal for a while! However, one of the dangers of trying to please as many ears as possible is that ideas aren't quite as sharp as they could be. Don't get me wrong, this music kicks,

but it can edge on the commercial. In car terms it's like comparing a GTi with a race spec Ferrari. The GTi is practical, reliable and accessible to most, but for real performance, take a ride around Silverstone in a racing car! Nevertheless, Fighter is more than a band. They are practical Christians with a message of hope. Brief explanations of most tracks given with the lyrics. Real issues are tackled headlong: "Avalanche" - the dangers of living for pleasure; "Time Out" and "Where Can Love Be Found" describe hurting people like us needing God's love. The mixed vocals of Sean Murphy and Amy Wolter make this band stand out from the crowd. You'll still be playing this one when they stop making CDs!


This is a "rare" CD. Features Billy Heller, former guitarist for Megadeth (although I'm not sure to what degree, and the music sounds very little like Megadeth), and Amy Wolter on lead singer. The drummer uses all electric drums, and you can definitely tell sometimes. The drummer also sings on some cuts. Some great cuts here -- Look Me In The Eye, Shadows, Nice Guy, The Waiting... good hard rock even if you're not into the Christian thing. They Also Released This Fighter's first EP;


About Amy Wolter - Hit Me In the Heart; Ex Fighter vocalist, one and only solo album: Christian aor, with a mid-west vibe / Amy has been performing on stage herself for over two decades. Her experience is vast and varied, running the gamut from keyboardist to soloist, to lead singer in several bands. Her journey, which began in churches and coffeehouses, took a turn to clubs doing covers of top 40 tunes, and eventually to concert halls and festival stages performing original music.


As female lead singer in the Christian rock band Fighter, Amy has sung in front of thousands. The band was signed to Word label `Wonderland' and released two CD's in the early 90's - `The Waiting' and `Bang the Drum'. (Husband Jim Wolter was the band's bass player.) Her songwriting skills earned the band several top 10 CCM hits, with `Look Me in the Eye', `Radio Man' and `Alone with You' among them. Fighter ended their successful 7-year run at a festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil in front of 110,000 people.


Amy followed the Fighter records with a solo album, `Hit Me in the Heart', using several band members from Prince's New Power Generation. She wrote or co-wrote 8 of the tunes, Amy has produced some indie projects, as well as over 100 advertising jingles. She's been in dozens of studios singing on jingle projects, many of which were self-penned, and has been hired for albums and demo sessions as a background vocalist, Amy is based in the Nashville area.


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