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Wedding Party - War Memorial 1998


01. Prelude

02. War Memorial

03. Even You

04. Raven's War

05. Alliance

06. To The Unknown God

07. Outbuckett

08. Crystal River

09. Lamb

10. No More Night

11. Bury The Dead

12. Omega



William James Watters - Vocals, Guitar

Sheri Luckey Watters - Vocals

Jamie McCavanaugh - Guitar, Piano

John Williams - Bass

Chad Hall - Piano, Keyboards, Percussion

Victor Deaton - Drums

Ken Lemery - Keyboards, Sampler

Libby Luckey - Backing Vocals

Session Members:

Eric Clayton - Backing Vocals(Saviour Machine)

Sean Savacool - Guitars (Live Only)


an excellent Christian Gothic metal band with female vocals, called WEDDING PARTY, with participations of singer ERIC CLAYTON of Saviour Machine./Here are the tracks WAR MEMORIAL and BURY THE DEAD, both of the band's only album release to date,"Anthems" is the 1998 (and only) release from Nashville-based Christian gothic rock band Wedding Party. It was produced and arranged by the Saviour Machine braintrust, and features backing vocals on several tracks from Saviour Machine's Eric Clayton.


"Anthems" is divided thusly: the first half is hard, edgy, gothic rock, and the second is piano- and acoustic-driven, to the point that it sounds like two completely different albums. "Anthems" doesn't have a ton of melody, which isn't necessarily a deal-breaker. But neither vocalist is great (William Watters is competent, but Sheri Watters is fair at best), which really drags the album down. Which is a shame, because there are some good elements here, including some very interesting percussion throughout.


There are a few good songs here, mostly on the first half of the CD - the Highlight of the album is "War Memorial." The weakness of the vocals is much more evident on the softer and slower songs, most of which don't work well (Track 10, "No More Night", sounds almost like an attempt at gothic country/gospel).


This is an earnest and heartfelt album; it deals with death and suicide, and has strong Christian themes. It is therefore unfortunate that the lyrics, which contain a great deal of spiritually powerful material, are occasionally cringe-inducingly bad./On the whole, this is a pretty uneven collection of songs with some nice high points. / Eric Clayton, The lead vocalist for the far superior Saviour Machine, Helped out on the production and most of the background vocals on this album, But even his presence doesn't do much./the lyrics focus 100 percent on Jesus,There are A fews decent songs save the album from being , Namely "War Memorial" / "To The Unknown God"/ [I actually liked this song], "Omega", & "Raven's Warning".


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