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Giantkiller - Fire Coming Down 1984


01. Fire Coming Down

02. New Jerusalem

03. Someone In My Life

04. Shadow Of The Real Thing

05. Holding Out His Hand

06. Darkness In The Cities

07. Oh Brother Man

08. Valley Of Decision

09. A Cry Within

10. Not Too Many Tears

11. The Ballad Of The Toothless Lion

12. If We Have The Love


Produced By Jimmy Hotz


Pete Gilgan - Lead Guitar

Steve Purton - Drums

Paul Herbst - Keyboards

Alan Hiscox - Bass, Vocals

Raphael Doyle - Lead Vocals


Additional Musicians

Hand Claps - John Witte,

Louise Witte

Bekah Crabb

Kemper Crabb

Rob Blessing - Saxaphone

Additional Percussion - Kemper Crabb

Recorded And Mixed At Rivendell Sound Recorders In Pasadena, Texas.

Mixed By Jimmy Hotz And Kemper Crabb

Mastered At Mca/whitney, U.S.A.

Cover Concept: Pete Gilgan

Cover Design: Chris Letts

Back Cover Photography: Dave Tomlinson


Although sometimes lumped in with UK punk/new wave groups like Bill Mason Band, Ishmael United and Moral Support, Giantkiller’s sound is a bit harder to pigeonhole. The music is definitely aggressive rock with no sugar and spice. And just look at that cover – a photo collage of various depravities of man, most notably a guy jamming a syringe into his vein – not your typical Christian fare, eh? Certainly not for 1980. First time someone popped on this lp my immediate reaction was The Doors. Organ is used extensively, sometimes in a mildly quirky fashion, so I guess you could call at least some of it new wave (The Kingsway issue of this lp dubbed it such), but it seems to have more of a serious tone to it than of the other bands in that scene. On second thought who cares what you call it – it’s a great album. Originally a custom lp picked up by Kingsway and then released in the US on Star Song. Followed by ‘Whose Side Are You On? (1981, called Valley Of Decision on the US release) and Fire Coming Down (1984) 


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