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Donn Thomas - Psalms Alive With Donn Thomas 1997


01. Praise Him

02. With My Whole Heart

03. Let Me Be like a Tree

04. Lament for the Nation

05. Restore Us O God

06. Joy Will Come

07. Wailing into Dancing

08. The Spirit

09. A Shield About Me

10. He Is Our Father



Many will know Donn as a black American worship leader and vocalist who has visited the UK a number of times. He has a distinctive R&B voice which conveys the heights and depths of the human experience. These songs are based on two or three verses from a Psalm, and I presume most were composed by Donn specially for this project: the only exception being "A Shield About Me", which is slightly known in this country. The tracks range from up tempo praise such as "Praise Him" and the reggae groove of "Restore Us.O God" to the deeply felt worship of "Joy Will Come" and "The Spirit". The ability of the Psalms to speak to and for the human soul in its cry to God over the centuries is well known and as I listened lo this CD I felt drawn into the experience and these songs spoke for me too. If you're going through a bad patch and this is your kind of music, then this CD could be a real blessing to you.



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