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Place of Skulls - Demo II 2001


01. The Fall

02. Never Die (Pistonhead)

03. Return

Place Of Skulls:

Victor Griffin, Wino (Vocals, Guitar)

Tim Tomaselli - Drums


Victor Griffin, Scott "Wino" Weinrich (Vocals, Guitar)

Tim Tomaselli - Drums

Audio Mixer:

Travis Wyrick.Recording information: Lakeside Studios.Photographer:


PLACE OF SKULLS was formed in 2000 by Ex-Pentagram Puitarist Victor Griffin (The Name Being A Biblical reference to Golgotha, because of Griffin’s new found faith in Christianity). Tim Tomaselli (Ex-Molly Hatchet) was found as a suitable Drummer and long time friend and Bass Player Lee Abney, with whom Victor had founded the legendary Death Row back in 1980, before later turning into Pentagram, agreed to join PLACE OF SKULLS as well...

A new legend was born...After doing some songwriting and rehearsing, the band recorded a Demo in the year 2000 which secured them a deal with Man’s Ruin Records. Unfortunately, Man’s Ruin went out of business in 2002 and their debut album was instead released on Southern Lord Recordings. Since the Demo only had three songs, PLACE OF SKULLS had started writing more material to be able to record "Nailed" one year later. The album, as well as the limited s/t 7 inch EP were released in 2002, gaining much respect from the international press and media. Actually,

The band had also recorded four songs that where Very Explicitly Christian that Southern Lord rejected them for inclusion on the debut album, and the band needed to re-enter the studio to record a couple of other songs to appear on the "Nailed" album ("Dead", "Love she gave" and The Animals cover "Don't let me be misunderstood"). The rejected songs were released on the "Love Through Blood" EP some years later in 2005 on Outlaw Recordings. Also in 2002, Lee Abney decided to part ways with the band (he would re-enter in 2007 though), leaving Victor in search of a new bass player. After a while, Greg Turley, yet another musician that had been playing with Pentagram (During 1995 / 1996), was found to fill in the empty space. But the most spectacular addition had yet to come... That same year, no one less than Scott "Wino" Weinrich (The Obsessed / Saint Vitus) entered the Band on Guitars / Vocals As Well, after having split up Spirit Caravan. The Griffin / Wino duo (who had been living together in an apartment in Maryland in 1986 and

Even worked on some songs back then) managed to write another bunch of excellent Doom compositions which were unleashed upon mankind as "With Vision" in 2003.Even if "With Vision" was quite a success for the band, PLACE OF SKULLS sort of fell apart after the release... Greg Turley decided to leave the band and Wino left to concentrate on his new band The Hidden Hand. Luckily, Dennis Cornelius of Revelation / Oversoul fame agreed on joining PLACE OF SKULLS on Bass, but soon Drummer Tom Tomaselli anounced he no longer wanted to play. The three agreed on doing a final show though, and started to rehearse for that, which had to become the farewell gig of PLACE OF SKULLS. Somehow, doing those rehearsals an especially playing the live show in Tennessee on February 18th 2005,

Encouraged them to continue and start working on new material for "The Black Is Never Far". The album, recorded later in 2005, also featured original member Lee Abney on three of the songs, because Dennis had already relocated to Oklahoma, andwas released on Exile on Mainstream Records in 2006.Not much has been heard from PLACE OF SKULLS since their latest release, except from some liveshows and a tour in September 2006. Lee Abney rejoined in 2007 as where Dennis left the Band and is currently concentrating on his new band Dwell Within, sort of a continuation of Oversoul.


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