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Haven - Your Dying Day 1990


01. On Judgement Day

02. Deliver Me

03. Murder

04. Below The Grave

05. The Calling

06. America

07. Escape

08. Help Me Follow

09. I Found Love

10. Your Dying Day



Kevin Ayers - Lead & Backing Vocals, Rhythm Guitars

Kevin Ayers - Electric, Acoustic

Kevin Ayers - Classical Guitars

Tim Benton - Drums, Percussion

Andy Bruner -Lead & Rhythm Guitars,12 String Acoustic,Classical Guitar

Andrew Bruner - Lead & Rhythm Guitars

Ed Bruner Piano - Classical Guitar, Bass

John Farrell Lead - Rhythm, Electric, Classical Guitars


This Haven is a Christian Heavy Metal band from the United States, and released Your Dying Day in 1990. / The term "Christian Metal" is an oxymoron for many fans of the Metal genre. In the late 80's- mid 90's, it seemed there was a flood of really bad Christian bands releasing even worse albums. There was a demand, and record labels jumped on the band wagon to produce and market these albums regardless as to whether the music was any good. "Your Dying Day" was, and still is, an example of a Christian band "getting it right" in terms of releasing a product which has an appeal outside of the Christian market and does not compromise the Christian message.


When I would sneak the recording into a tape player at parties, no one could tell Haven was a Christian band unless they stopped talking and listened to the lyrics. In other words, Haven sounded like all the other NON GLAM Heavy Metal bands releasing music at the time. The sound was, and still is, tight and heavy. Haven sounds like a real band as opposed to some dummy band propped up by a Christian record label.


The appeal of Your Dying Day is, at least for me, the content. As mentioned, the music has that driving fury and musical talent which distinguishes good bands from bad ones. However, the lyrics are a powerful apology of Christian belief. / The paradox is that many metalheads would listen to "God Hates Us All" by Slayer, wouldn't take issue with the content and would still maintain their "open mind" status. But if Haven says "escape the lies... don't die", those same metalheads become defensive because someone's telling them what to do! Regardless of this point of fact and with baited breath,I would suggest their music...


These guys were supposedly the 'christian's iron maiden'. I find them more like early Queensryche vocally, and songwriting and solo-wise more leaning the straight classic metal style, but not quite Maiden. Another disc they have is 'Age of Darkness', which is much better and more Maiden-like,better songs and arrangements, but vocally of Geoff Tate rather than Bruce.


I can attest that the men in this group are godly men, and have a true heart for Christ. This album spoke to me at a pivotal point in my life.They wore their hearts on their sleeves, and weren't ashamed of the gospel they preached. They had something I wanted, and I realized that it was Jesus! / Many people have criticized their genre of music and the fact that they played in rock clubs (because "Christians" don't go to rock clubs), well thank God that these guys stepped out of their comfort zone because God used them as a vehicle for MY conversion. So--don't judge. Christ hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors. / Kevin Ayers, the lead singer, never tried to emulate Bruce or Geoff to my knowledge. He was purely Kevin Ayers, and a phenominal talent!!!! I have never known a more gifted musician.



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