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Haven - Haven 1995


01. Haven

02. Her Eyes Can't Hide

03. Falling Down

04. Her Eyes Can't Hide Conclusion

05. Don't Let The Moment Slip Away

06. Prisoner

07. I Will Follow 8. Love From Above

09. When Jesus Lights The Way

10. The Almighty

11. Don't Run Away

12. Without Excuse



Kevin Ayers - All Lead and Backing Vocals, Drums, Lead-, Electric-, Acoustic- and Classical- Guitars, Fretless Bass

Carlos Cintron - Lead Guitars on 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11


John Farrell - Rhythm and Lead Guitars on 5

Andrew Bruner - Lead Guitars on 5, 10

Edward Bruner - Bass Guitars on 5

Michael Cineron - Bass

This was the last Haven disc to be released (not counting the demo and rehearsals release 'Straight From The Cutting Room Floor'). The only remaining full member is singer Kevin Ayers, though some of the old members do appear in some of the tracks. But to me, Kevin is Haven, so I have no problem with that. This self titled disc is a bit more on the softer side than the others. The music is very melodic, and that suits Kevin's voice perfectly. I love the ever-present worship vibe on Haven's albums. For a good example of that, check out the title track of this album. What is not really up to pare here though is that 'Haven' was released on an independent label (Kevin's own, if I'm not mistaken), and the production and cover art is an example on how that is showing on the finished result.

After R.E.X. went under, Haven sort of disappeared for a while. A few years late I saw an ad for this disc in HM Magazine and decided to check it out. Kevin Ayers is the only original band member, although several familiar names like John Farrellbut as well as Andrew and Ed Bruner from the band's past are listed as musicians on the disc. Despite the four years between releases, the music has not changed dramatically. There are few more modern elements but overall this is another stellar power metal album. While the songs are all good to excellent the production is a bit weak. While the mastering isn't bad for an indie, the overall mix has the snare a bit to out front, which can become irritating after a while. As with past albums, however, the lyrics are awesome, although they are a bit more praise oriented rather than some of the more social lyrics of the past.


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