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Holy Danger - One Way 1986


01. Rock For Your Maker

02. One Way

03. Breakin' Out

04. Power Anthem

05. Runaway

06. Don't Slaughter Your Daughter

07. Stranger

08. Where Would I Be Without You


Holy Danger - Holy Danger 1986

01. The Thief

02. Breakin-Out

03. Runaway

04. Crank Up The Noise

05. The Code Word Is Go

06. Lord Behind Us


Holy Danger - 7 Single 1985

01. I Wanna Rock

02. The Code Word Is Go


Holy Danger was a christian metal band that featured guitarist Dee Harrington who later joined the group Saint, and vocalist Guy Ritter, who later joined Tourniquet /  Early Christian metal band that featured Guitarist Dee Harrington who later joined the group,Saint,And Vocalist Guy Ritter, who later joined Tourniquet.Scary Music with a Scary Message"Having said all that,This album is a great peak at What would later become Tourniquet.Although not nearly as good and the Production is Majoraly lacking. If you can look past the production (which I can),you will find a gem here of Classic 80s Metal with some dynamic lyrics to match!, I like this alot, you can definately tell Guy Ritter was going to move on to something much better. He's the most talented man in the band, wish they would rerelease this on cd. It's a great album! If Guy had stayed in Holy Danger then I reckon each album would have improved up to the level of Tourniquet.


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