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P.K. Mitchell - The Rock Hymns Project / All Hail the Power 1993


01. Amazing Grace

02. Nothing But the Blood

03. Trust & Obey

04. Oh How I Love Jesus

05. Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

06. Take My Life

07. Onward Christian Soldiers

08. All Hail! the Power

09. Jesus Paid it All

10. God Be With You (Till We Meet Again)



01• Amazing Grace - Robyn Kyle - Lead Vocals

02• Nothing But The Blood - Dave Oliver - Lead Vocals

03• Trust and Obey - Dana Hiett - Lead Vocals

04• Oh How I Love Jesus - Dave Oliver - Lead Vocals

05• Leaning On The Everlasting Arms - Robyn Kyle-Lead Vocals

06• Take My Life - Dave Oliver - lead Vocals

07• Onward Christian Soldier - Ken Pike - Lead Vocals

08• All Hail the Power - Dana Croucher - Lead Vocals

09• Jesus Paid It All - Russ Painter - Lead Vocals

10• God Be With You (Til We Meet Again) Robyn Kyle - lead Vocals




The Band

• PK Mitchell - Guitars, Vocals

• Glen Manacruso - Drums

• Jim LaVerde - Bass( Barren Cross)

• Robin Kyle Bassari - Lead Vocals (Die Happy/Joshua)

• Dave Oliver - Lead Vocals

• Dana Hiett - lead Vocals

• Ken Pike - Lead Vocals

• Dana Croucher - Lead Vocals

• Russell Painter - Lead Vocals

• Phil Christian - Synth

• Sandy Benton - BGV


P.K. Mitchell is a Hard Rock guitarist/songwriter out of Nashville Tennessee. P.K. started in the music business in the early 1980's forming a heavy metal band right out of highschool called "Neon Cross". P.K. wrote, recorded, and performed with Neon Cross through much of the 1980's, releasing their debut 4 song EP "Frontline Life" in 1984, and later their Self titled debut album "Neon Cross" for Regency Records in 1987.


P.K. eventually left Neon Cross in 1988 to pursue other musical ventures, he played with several various groups during this time, including a thrash band called "Impaler".


Starting in 1989 he sat down and began writing 15 songs that were reworkings of old traditional church hymns and began to work towards getting them released. he signed with Patriot records (and eventually Rugged records) in 1991 and began recording what would become the "All Hail The Power" album, during this time he also wrote and recorded several new reworkings of hymns and added them into the session, though there were many delays over the next few years, All Hail The Power was eventually released in 1993 and a music video was promptly shot for the song "Amazing Grace".


P.K. played the Superfest festival in central Calif with singer Robyn Kyle Basauri (of Joshua/Red Sea), drummer Glen Mancaruso (of Vengeance/Die Happy) and bassist Jim Laverde (of Barren Cross) in 1994 before heading back into the studio to record more material, at this time he began producing albums and videos for other artists on the label as well, including Bride, Barren Cross, Neon Cross, Red Sea, Nailed, and others. P.K. would write and release a new song "Do You Believe" for the compilation album "Premium Cuts" in late 1994, he also recorded one more record for Rugged Records "Write It on Your Heart" in 1995 before leaving the label in 1996.


Over the Years P.K. has had articles and reviews published in various music magazines about his music thoughout the world, but in 2003 P.K. began getting published in an entirely new field the world over. Aviation and gaming magazines around the world had picked up on a commercially released World War One flight simulation project he did called "Full Canvas Jacket", for the Sierra/Dynamix game "Red Baron 3D".


Full Canvas Jacket was a critically acclaimed flight simulation software and given dozens of postive reviews around the world and eventually was voted runner up for "2004 Flight Simulation of the Year" in Computer Gaming World Magazine's 2004 awards (Losing out to only Microsofts "Flight Sim 2004"). His release is still regarded as the premier WW1 aviation enhancement within WW1 flight simulation circles to this day.


P.K. is currently in production in the studio recording the long awaited followup to the old school Christian metal hymns classic "All Hail the Power: The Rock Hymns Project", the new upcoming release will be called "All Hail the Power II: Rock Hymns Revisted" and is slated to be released around Christmas 2012 / The original "All Hail the Power: The Rock Hymns Project" or "AHTP" album was a critically acclaimed and received album upon its release in the 1990's. It blended old-school heavy metal with the emergent grunge style that was just becoming popular at the time of its recording. Hailed as a "breakthrough" album taking old time Christian church hymns and reworking them in a new and novel way into the current rock styles of the time as a new way to present these old time classic Christian hymns to new music listeners / "AHTP" was ground breaking at the time of its release, a fan favorite and is still considered by many to be the premier "Rock Hymns" album of its genre. Upon its release, Doug Van Pelt of Heavens Metal Magazine stated - "All Hail the Power is the best rock hymns album ive EVER heard!".



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