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Faith Nation - Ordinary People 2000


01. Arms Around the Ocean

02. Make It Simple

03. Don't Leave Me Now

04. How Can I?

05. Love Is an Ocean

06. Ordinary People

07. On the Water

08. When the Love Goes Away

09. Hold On

10. Free


James Salters - Lead Vocals

Matt McClay - Bass, Backing Vocals

Brian Owen - Drums, Backing Vocals

Huey Peterson - Guitars, Backing Vocals

Lewis Sego II - keyboards


This is an amazing AOR cd!!Volcalist James Salter steals the show,with his smooth melodic voice,tender yet powerful with a great tone.The band has some great chops with a aor/fusion type sound like Steve perry's band.Salters old band was a melodic metal chrisian band called The brave,of which he sang on the first cd; Battle Cries ,and that was worth writing another great review later for!This cd however is a serious winner for those of us who miss feel good melodic blissful AOR at its finest!!!! for fans of Toto,Journey,Tyketto,Shy,The brave,and Europe.A top class release that most people will never hear!!


My faith in James Salters' vocal prowess was sustained on this album, but unfortunately, those vocals were the only really good thing; everything else disappointed me like a child who asks for cotton candy but gets a cotton swab instead. Maybe it's not fair to compare, but Salters' original project, The Brave: "Battle Cries, was a monstrous arena-rock masterpiece that took the Christian hard rock world by storm with its massive hooks, gigantic choruses, and huge backing vocals, but the sound of Faith Nation is more rooted in AOR turf with precious little of the power and energy I hoped to hear. Even within the tamer, more restrained confines of the AOR realm, this is relatively ordinary stuff, doing little to distinguish itself from the rest of the AOR pack. Given how great "Battle Cries" was, people had a right to expect Salters' awesome vocals to be paired with something better than average, unspectacular AOR.


Faith Nation are a Christian rock band that offer a debut album of good songs heavily influenced and sounding like classic 80's hard rock. Vocalist James Salter has a great voice in the range and style of Europe lead vocalist Joey Tempest (in his Europe style vocals). The style ranges from the heavy keyboard pomp of "Arms Around The World" and "Ordinary People" to a more traditional 80's hard rock of "Make It Simple" and "Don't Leave Me Now"


And The Other Best Songs that were produced with better Quality by / Indie / Song Haus Music at 1999 / the best cuts for me are "Arms Around The World","Love Is An Ocean" & "Free" but also "Make It Simple","How Can I?"(nice softie)& "On The Water" are goodie ones too...CCM Melodic Rock/AOR that will put a in your face...forget the production and enjoy both releases of the band...recommended.



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