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Zion - Thrillseeker 2007


01. Who Puls The Strings (Live)

02. Kick In The Gates (Live)

03. Drum & Bass Solo (Live)

04. Dave Moore & Zion Backstage Humor

05. He's Got The Power

06. Radio Promo

07. Rock For Eternity

08. Your Love

09. The Big Fall

10. Roll The Rock

11. Thrillseeker


Rex Scott - Lead Vocals, Guitar

David Moore - Lead Guitar, Bgv

Marlin Saner - Bass, Bgv, Guitar

Tommy "Gun" Bozung - Drums

Additional Info:

Produced by Bloodgood Guitarist - David Zaffiro

Martin Saner, Charles Meserole & David Zaffiro - Guitars

Produced by Bloodgood (US) Guitarist David Zaffiro


The history of Zion can be traced back to the first demo tape recorded in 1982, prior to the follow-up tape titled "Rock For Eternity" recorded in 1984. The hard rocking melodic metal band signed to indie label Image Records several years later, resulting in the 1989 release of their first CD / Featuring Rex Scott, Lead Vocalist From X-Sinner. The very Best of live and Demo material (from their legendary Rock For Eternity demo). In terms of quality, this album goes where other Demo and Live albums dare not go - to greatness! If you like X-sinner's Loud & Proud album, this is a MUST purchase release! For fans of X-sinner, AC/DC, Whitecross. (2007)


Produced by David Zaffiro (Bloodgood) titled Thunder From the Mountain. Just at the point the band planned to record their next album, Image Records folded, and so did the band. Fans knew there were unreleased demo and live tracks, but they were never released . . . until now. Retroactive Records released February, 2007, a Limited Edition pressing of just 1000 copies of Thrillseeker, consisting of digitally re-mastered unreleased and live tracks previously unavailable. This is where vocalist Rex Scott got his start, before going on to fame with X-Sinner.


This cd is not only a lost classic but also a gem of music of the time. I listen to it now and it still sounds fresh. I highly recommend picking up a copy, however, I got a digital copy and highly recommend everyone else do the same until the prices come down to something more in range with the digital copy. / I put them along with Messiah Prophet in that sense. However, they came out during a time when metal bands proclaiming Christ were not as numerous as we have now. They were really good at guitar harmony leads and melodies. Like other Christian metal bands of their day they were very evangelistic.

The live tracks, Who Pulls The Strings , Kick In The Gates, and an instrumental - lead off the album and showcase the world-class hard rocking outfit at their best! Brilliant demos tracks follow, consisting of one song off the bands original 1982 demo (He's Got Power), two from Rock For Eternity (Rock For Eternity and Your Love) and two more from the demo sessions that led to Zion signing with Image (Big Fall and a different version of the TFTM number Roll The Rock). Reviewers are already claiming the demo tracks are every bit as good, if not better, than much of the material that made its way onto TFTM.

He's Got The Power, Rock For Eternity and Your Love, for example, all highlight notable melodies while proving literal jam sessions - Zion extends all three into the six and seven minute range - that allow guitarist David Moore to put on a virtual clinic with his fiery lead work and mega-tight sounding riffs. The gritty hard rocker Big Fall, finds vocalist Rex Scott showcasing his trademark raspy and gut level vocal delivery in no uncertain terms. The production values to the demo tracks might lack the smooth sounding touch of TFTM, but do a better job capturing the bands natural and all out raw energy. This is the way Zion truly sounded - gritty, scratchy and hard rocking - while delivering an abundance of energy at the same time. Thrillseeker proves a noteworthy release offering material that was either previously unavailable or virtually impossible to find. Highly recommended for fans of gritty hard rocking outfits such as X-Sinner, Whitecross, AC/DC, Cinderella, early Poison, and Bride. Of note, singer REX SCOTT went on to be (and is currently) lead vocalist for X-SINNER.


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