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Various Artists - Gospel Music Workshop: Rap Pie in the Sky 1993


01. No Glory - J.C. Crew No Guts
02. We R Here - True 4 U
03. Kill the Spirit - S.F.C.
04. It's on You - Freedom of Soul
05. Against the Flow - Dynamic Twins
06. This Is Love - Freedom of Soul
07. Ain't Nuttin' N Hell I Want - IDOL King
08. Beat the Heat - Cauzin' Efekt
09. In the House - S.F.C.
10. I Can't Schleep - J.C. Crew

Christian Rap is hip-hop with religious and inspirational themes. Most Christian rap doesn't show the sonic innovation of secular rap, simply because the groups don't have such strong competition. Frequently, Christian rap falls somewhere between old school hip-hop and the rap of the late '80s. Though it was unusual for Christian rap to be as hard as gangsta rap or as groove-oriented as G-funk, variations on both styles -- led, respectively, by Gospel Gangstas and Kirk Franklin -- began to appear during the late '90s

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