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Dan Peek - Electro Voice 1986


01. Electro-Voice
02. A New Song
03. Solid Ground
04. Not My Will
05. Lonely People
06. His Master's Voice
07. I'LL Be Coming Home
08. Open Up Your Heart
09. The Rapture
10. All Things Work Together For Good

I first heard All Things Possible right after its release in 1984. It was the first christian music I had ever purchased and every song, but especially the title song, inspired me to buy more. The album broke barriers for other christian musicians to "crossover" to other music genres and was a pioneer, as was Dan, for breaking away from America and making this album. Its a keeper and timeless for those of us who remember the early days of contemporary christian music.

This was Dan's first solo album after leaving the group America. It was also his biggest commercial hit. Released in 1979, the title song went to number 1 on the CCM charts and stayed there for 13 weeks! It also crossed over to the Billboard Pop chart and Adult Contemporary chart were it peeked at number 6 and stayed on the charts for a then record 34 weeks! Regardless of what you may read elsewhere, this was CCM's first crossover hit. Two other singles were released from this album, "Ready for Love" which was a big hit on Canadian Adult Contemporary stations, reaching number 7; and "Divine Lady" which was a hit on CCM stations in the US. It also contains what Dan described as his last song with America, Love Was Just Another Word - which features his America band mates Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley. A must for CCM fans or America fans!

First of all, I always loved America and thought that Dan Peek's voice and melodies were out of this world. Songs like "Lonely People", "Glad to See You", "Old Virginia", etc. There are many songs during his tenure with America that are just plain beautiful without saying that the other two members were shabby. They also had a tasty repertoire of songs, but I always thought that Dan Peek had some awesome songs! How about "Don't Cross the River", WoW! They still sound as good today as they did in the past.

I am not saying that everything he wrote was awesome but surely enjoyed his work throughout his stay with America. Funny, but when I went to AMG to check them out it seems the critics were not too partial to America's body of work. Too simplistic? Too melodious? I'll never know. I expected to see at least four (4) stars for some of their efforts but lo and behold, I think 3 was the max they received. That is fine, America with "Ventura Highway", "Sandman", "Tin Man", "Sister Golden Hair Surprise?" is that the name?, anywhoo, some of these songs go all the way to the start of the American Dream for me. What voices!

When I heard that Dan Peek had left America I was somewhat saddened but not really surprised! I could tell by his lyrics that he was not very happy with the fast lane of those days. When I heard he had released a Christian Album I immediately bought it at a local christian store in Costa Mesa, California. I am talking about 20 years? When I heard "All Things Are Possible" I loved it from the start. Yes, the songs were short and simple.

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