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Crumbacher - Incandescent 1985


01. Understudy    
02. Infrared/X-Ray Eyes        
03. Glowing In The Dark        
04. So Strange        
05. It Don't Matter        
06. Jamie        
07. Sweet By And By        
08. Track You Down

Album Notes / Personnel:
Stephen Crumbacher - Vocals, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Dan Hohulin - Guitar
Dawn Wisner-Johnson - Keyboards, Background Vocals
Jimmy Wisner - Drums, Background Vocals
Audio Remasterer: Chris Duke.Photographer:
Linda Dillon Baley

Incandescent is simply one of the most upbeat, danceable, spirit filled albums that I have listened to. I particularly like "it don't matter" This album has synthpop/new wave sounds with a rock feel. I would recommend this album to anyone who likes euro synth electro pop and or rock music! / Incandescent is The Greatest New Wave Christian album ever recorded! A perfect 10! A great production featuring pulsing dance rhythms ,creative background vocals, classical overtones, and inspired words of hope and direction.

American pop music changed so quickly in the early 1980s that the big New Wave stars of 1983 (Cyndi Lauper, Duran Duran, Eurhythmics, The Police, etc.) were swiftly becoming a byword by 1985, replaced by a stylistic mishmash of gospel soul, hair rock, and retro-Motown (The Bangles, Dire Straits, Heart, Phil Collins, Whitney Houston). Unfortunately, this time period also marks the interval between Crumbacher's first concert (December 1983) and the release of their first album (April 1985). As a result, at the time the band seemed like yet another poster child for Christian Music's eternal "catching up to the times" reputation.

But even then, Incandescent's insistently uptempo tunefulness (not a single ballad to slow things down) indicated good things to come. Later albums would improve upon it in production and engineering, culminating in the jewel "Worlds Away" by Stephen Crumbacher and Christopher Duke. There's still plenty to like in the indie synth feel of Incandescent, whose layered synths and call/response vocals recall ELO most strongly. In bequeathing a new (and creepy) melody to the hymn chestnut "In the Sweet By and By," Crumbacher anticipated Indelible Grace, Chris Tomlin, and other "hymn re-imaginers" by more than ten years. And now, from a perspective 20 years later, Incandescent seems "dated" only in the same way that any 80s album does, and the "behind the times" canard is simply irrelevant now / As with most 80s CCM, the lyrics reflect a young adult's thoughts about life as a Christian, directed toward other young Christians, without any clear articulation of how or why one would become a Christian in the first place. God gets a couple of mentions by name; Jesus' person and work are not referenced.

An evangelical listener will easily understand the lingo of undergoing a "radical change" to become "glowing in the dark" as an "understudy to the star of the show," living under God's "infrared x-ray eyes." As an articulation of what we can do for God rather than what He has done for us, everything on Incandescent could be embraced by an orthodox Jew, Muslim, or generic theist. This is not a knock against Crumbacher in particular; taken on its own terms as a lifestyle adjunct for teen Christians, the lack of distinctively Christian content in 1980s "Christian pop" speaks more to the intent of the genre and its process than to a deficiency in the individuals involved. Stephen Crumbacher at least stands above the crowd for reliably interesting turns of phrase and a dedication to extended metaphors which would find fullest expression in the subsequent concept album, "Escape from the Fallen Planet."

Also included in the 2013 MP re-release is the 1984 version of "It Don't Matter," originally released on the "What's Shakin'" compilation album. It sounds even more like Talking Heads than the Incandescent version does, but its limited dynamic range make it more a historical artifact than an alternate version you'd trade for the final product / WOW!!! What a band!!! I really love Crumbacher!!! They have more of a new wave (Synthpop) style. This was the album that started it all. Its so bad that they never released this jewel in cd. They really deserve to be call one of the 80's best pop christian band. This album contains great songs like Understudy, Jamie, Glowing in the Dark, Track you down and more!!!!!

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