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Peace Child - House of Mercy 2001


01. Don't Let The Sun Go Down
02. House Of Mercy
03. Dreams
04. Missionary
05. Man Made Religion

Christine Steel - Lead Vocals
Kandi Slaughter - On Some Bass
Kevin Pike - Lead Guitar
Brien DeChristopher - Rhythm Guitar

The production is just perfect and I’m confident of a golden future for this band. However, there’s one negative aspect here: the band doesn’t exist anymore / "Peacechild" recorded a Five Song Demo that Found her moving in a Musical direction that can best be described as Blues based Glam Metal/Hard Rock with Classic Rock sensibilities. Heavier at times and more acoustic laced in comparison to Armored Choir,The Demo Brings to mind Kinetic Faith era Bride but replace Dale Thompson with a searing Female Lead Vocalist.

Man!!! The music could be Described as Melodic Rock or Even A.O.R. Rock But For its More Glam Metal/Hard Rock, The Beautiful voice of Christine Steel is breathtaking. Their music can easily be played on any local Radio Station. Listen to the Great Guitar Work in  / Don't Let The Sun Go Down / and you'll know that we're dealing with a very High Quality Band Here. I am thinking of names like FOREIGNER, VANDENBERG,BOSTON, JOURNEY,WHITE-SNAKE, TOTO,Etc., except that the lyrics of "PEACE CHILD" Deal with the positive things in life.Which is a good thing and I think there.

should be more bands like this / Besides Christine ("PEACE CHILD") Consists of Kevin Pike on Guitar and Bass, Brien DeChristopher on Guitar and Stan Arthur on Drums.The production is just perfect and I'm confident of a golden future for this band. However, there's one negative aspect here: the band doesn't exist anymore. Despite of that, they recorded such an impressive demo, with  / Man-Made Religion / as an absolute highlight, that I just needed to mention them here.

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